Catholic mass grave sites of 350,800 missing children found in Ireland, Spain, Canada


The atrocity of close to 800 emaciated childrens’ bodies buried in a Irish Nuns’ septic tank represented the 34th child mass grave site linked this week to the Catholic Church. Pope Francis was being prosecuted by the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) in Brussels for allegedly trafficking 300,000 children of political prisoners through Vatican Catholic Charities during Argentine’s Dirty War. According to witness testimony last week some of those orphans ended up in a child mass grave site in Spain. Last year’s ICLCJ prosecution concerned 50,000 missing native Canadian children. There have been 32 child mass grave sites uncovered so far in Canada, most of them on Catholic-run native residential school grounds.
Unfortunately the over 350,800 children suspected to be in Catholic child mass graves sites in three countries paled in number to Catholic Priest sex abuse victims across the globe. As of November 2013 over ten million Catholic Priest child sex abuse cases have been documented as shown here. These 10,077,574 cases represented a mere fraction of total crimes committed. Only an estimated 10% of sex abuse victims were thought to speak out about their sex abuse and just 10% of those cases saw the inside of a court room.
Amnesty has been offered to citizens or employees of the Crown of England and Vatican willing to give sworn testimony or evidence that leads to the prosecution of top Vatican and government officials who may have committed crimes. For providing evidence rewards up to 10,000 euros or around 13,660 dollars was available through the ICLCJ court.
The Irish child mass grave site containing bodies of children from age two days to nine years, was located at a now-defunct Catholic home for unwed mothers. According to death records, the little ones were fragile, pot-bellied, emaciated and died as late as 1961 from malnutrition and infectious diseases such as measles and TB.
Children of the Canadian Catholic native residential schools were determined to have been murdered or died of malnutrition, human experimentation, torture, Small Pox infection or as Eyewitness Irene Favel testified in this video, were thrown into a furnace. Favel claimed that in 1944 she witnessed a newborn infant incinerated by a priest at Muscowegan Catholic Indian School, Saskatchewan Canada. The child torture was documented for court in Kevin Annett’s “Hidden No Longer” available for free here.

The Bon Secours Sisters ran the Irish mass grave site and “mother and baby home” called St Mary’s in Tuam north of Galway city. The Catholic “home” had a reputation for children dying at a rate four times higher than the rest of Ireland. Unwed mothers were punished as “atonement for their sins” by being forced to give up their children and working for two or three years without wages.
The 2013 award-winning drama film “Philomena” depicted the plight of 2,200 infants who survived Ireland’s Catholic homes. The children were forcibly adopted or placed into child labor situations, mainly in the US. Catholic officials have consistently denied they received payments for these so-called “adoptions” and insisted verifying documents were lost in a fire.
The Vatican, British Crown and Canadian government have refused excavation of the 32 Canadian mass grave sites believed filled with native children. Before licensed archeologists were turned away, human remains of children were uncovered at the larger sites in Brantford Ontario and Port Alberni British Columbia Canada.
Critics contended the Catholic Church had an ongoing reluctance to hand over internal records of Vatican Catholic Charities out of fear further horrors could come to light. Such was in the case of the Irish Magdalene Laundries where unwed mothers performed forced labor without compensation to four Catholic orders. After years of successful litigation on the case victims still remain uncompensated.
A present day victim of the Catholic Church was Jamaican and British Soldier Vivian Cunningham. He remained drugged in the St. George’s Hospital in Stafford England (ph: 44 01785 257888) for asking questions about Queen Elizabeth’s arrest warrant. The 2013 ICLCJ court found Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip guilty of kidnapping on Oct. 10 1964, ten native children from the Catholic-owned Kamloops residential school in British Columbia Canada. British citizen David Compan and his wife were accosted, drugged, arrested and incarcerated without charges in the London Park Royal Mental Health Center. Compan’s sin? He posted Queen Elizabeth’s arrest warrant on a Catholic Church in London. Compan’s arrest was captured in this video.
The Roman Catholic Church has “systematically” protected predator priests, allowing “tens of thousands” of children to be abused, a United Nations committee reported directly after Pope Francis became pontiff. In May the United Nations Committee Against Torture gave the Vatican one year to demonstrate their commitment to recommendations made in their latest UN report on Crimes Against Children by the Catholic Church.

The ICLCJ court case in Brussels charging Pope Francis and other global elites for Crimes Against Humanity was expected to extend for over a year. Last year’s ICLCJ court found 40 global elites guilty and ended with the unprecedented resignation of former Pope Ratzinger.
The ICLCJ has over 450 Common Law Peace Officers in 13 countries, with 51 local chartered groups operating. Local organizing funds were available through the ITCCS for common law groups that applied. To contact officers of the court or Kevin Annett email or call:,,,

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John Little

2014-06-07 16:55:22 Reply

This is horrifying.

Please keep up the good work in exposing these terrible crimes.

John Little

    A Catalano

    2014-06-16 04:49:17 Reply

    I agree with you, and it is worse than I ever knew about Roman Catholic and other Anglo Church.

      Brad O'Donald

      2016-02-11 16:22:11 Reply

      Due to the priest sex abuse scandal, Bishop Robert Barron and the Vatican concede that “the Church is going through a dark period.” They admit to there being 8,000 pedophile priests (Church estimate) which could translate to 50,000 abused children. The bishop defends that it’s only 4% of the clergy or the same frequency (coincidentally) as the general population. This issue is currently the most damaging issue for the Church. There has been an investigation that suggests that the abuse frequency among priests is far greater than the church claims.

      The bishop describes it as a short term crisis that will pass…but is it? Pope Boniface (13th century) said, “There is no more harm in adultery with young boys than in rubbing your hands together.” A study by Doyle, Sipe and Wall confirms that its a long term crisis for the church.

      “Catholic Church propaganda tries to paint the problem as a recent phenomenon… Doyle, Sipe, and Wall, however, present historical and psychological evidence that priest sexual abuse has existed since the first years of celibacy in the 7th century.

      Of course we now know that celibacy (living like Christ) produces an unnatural state for human beings. As biological animals we evolved as sexual beings. To try to eliminate an innate desire in humans can only cause problems in the future. Throughout the history of Catholicism, it has required priests to remain celibate and long condemned sex as a sin that everyone should avoid. This belief virtually guarantees sexual abuse.

      20 to 25% of the priests have serious psychiatric difficulties and the majority show emotional immaturity. Homosexual tendencies and sexual abuse appears in far greater frequency in priests than in the general population.

      Furthermore, Church leaders have purposely disguised the problems of priests. The crimes of priests appeared so offensive to them that they routinely decided that the problem should remain a secret at all costs. Add to this that so many priests practice “shameful” sex, that this further prevents them from taking action against other priests.

      As the authors report, “Priests who abuse minors are part of a much larger group, an anonymous network of clergy who are aware of each others’ sexual proclivities to the point that the Catholic Church remains the largest pedophile club in the world. And this exclusive club has existed for centuries!”

      Brad O’Donnell, author “Where to Now Saint Paul?”  

    Brad O'Donald

    2016-02-11 16:10:30 Reply

    My grandfather’s name was John C. Little, Greensboro, NC;

    Brad O’Donnell, author “Where to Now Saint Paul?”  


2014-06-07 17:27:06 Reply

God’s speed keep up the good work. God’s work. These rings of pedophiles seem to operate within the inner rings of the (systems we have(legal educational etc.) It seems to be essential to the vampiric existence to drain life force. Akin to the adrenalin sacrifices of virgins(read children). I take comfort in the promise of the scriptures and in active works of kindness(faith and hope are good too)

The assault against children and humanity requires a multi pronged response to break the systems so home schooling, strong families, faith, knowledge, no use of credit(not always possible) are the long term goals. It took several generations to get here.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and these school systems, boy scout system(started by a pedophile)are the proof.

    colin watson

    2015-11-19 22:06:11 Reply

    Gods Work? Are you serious? if there was a God would he allow HIS priests/soldiers sexually abuse, torture and kill over 10,000,000 children in his name, & that 10,million is only a conservative number. Priests, nuns, vicars, All clergy should be kept separate from babies & children. They are worse than the Nazis ever were.


      2015-12-29 11:12:52 Reply


      First, God did not create the Catholic church. Jesus preached mostly in natural surroundings. The Church is not a physical place. “Where two or more gather in my name, so shall I be present”. The followers of Jesus Christ are the Church. As usual, Satan must be able to control everything on Earth. Satan was unable to eradicate the teachings of Jesus from the Earth…so, he used a pagan (Caesar) to help create a system that he could control. The Roman Catholic Church was a creation of Rome and included much paganism.

      Second, Satan is in control of Earth for the time period allotted him and his rebellion. God has given mankind his laws and how to live a pure and clean life. IF humans refuse to read their Bible to be free from Satan’s grip then God can’t help them. BUT, God does not allow anything bad to happen. Satan is in full control of mans affairs. Man can escape if he seeks God with pure and repentant heart.

      Don’t worry though, we are very near the end (less than 20 years) of Lucifer’s rebellion. We are currently in Ezekiel 37,38 and 39 as we near WWIII and the start of the great tribulation. God Bless and let his force guide you.

Guns N Rosaries

2014-06-07 17:34:16 Reply

The current regime infesting the Vatican is not Catholic, which would explain why we have the pedophilia catastrophe these last 50 years.

As far as mass graves, it would be best to first check to verify if any plagues had been present during the periods these deaths took place and second, I would strongly suggest that the records of all Freemasonic Lodges in Canada & the Northern U.S. be opened to see how much of a role this secret society may have been complicit in these deaths. Child Ritual Abuse in various degrees has accelerated immensely since the beginning of the 20th century.

    Judy Byington

    2014-06-07 17:54:01 Reply

    Guns N Rosaries…Verification of the 32 mass graves in Canada was extensively researched by Kevin Annett for the 2012-2013 ICLCJ court in Brussels. The evidence is published in Annett’s “Hidden No Longer” which can be read for free from the front page of this website Child Abuse Recovery.


      2014-06-08 12:58:15 Reply

      Must I remind you that there were disease outbreaks even in remote places in Canada?
      Children did have to be buried, there were epidemics. How would YOU suggest they be buried and not endanger the entire school?

      Talk to your Great grandmothers or grandmothers, and ask them if they lost any siblings to any diseases like whooping cough, TB, measles etc. I have, and my grandmother, now 91, lost 2 siblings and they were quite wealthy at the time and could afford care.

      Yesterday in England a mother had her child removed on the birthing table. Not a word of protest. 5,000 babies are killed daily in America and England, Not a word of protest. Their bodies are chopped up and sold for parts in Planned Parenthoods billion dollar industy.

        Johnny Liberty

        2014-06-16 22:18:04 Reply

        The real reason is that most all where beaten because they spoke their native tongue, had a bead, or didn’t bow down and pray to those who preyed upon them! I am lucky to be here. My great grandmother was born in 1897, taken away from her family and tribe in 1901 and thrown into the Santa Barbra mission; beaten, raped and abused until she was thrown out at the age of 16. She lived to be almost 100 and shared her story, though she remained a catholic until the end – I say it was because it was beaten into her, not chosen by her! And as far as dis-ease goes – most dis-ease was spread as a bio weapon upon our Original Peoples of North America (Turtle-Island). So the abuse goes way back and continues to this day… Denial is part of the abuse – get a clue! Wake up and realize that we are all created by genetic manipulation by the Annunaki, to be their slaves.


        2015-05-20 05:10:48 Reply

        My mother and her 4 sisters were in a catholic orphanage and yes, the priests got the nuns pregnant and then tossed them out and called the nuns whores…..the 1930’s…sad but true.

    Christine Gavin

    2014-06-07 21:37:59 Reply

    ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see’. Jesus had a word for the likes of you.
    “If you were blind you would not be guilty, but because you claim to be able to see your guilt remains” (paraphrased)
    What as shocking as the discovery is the fact that it has been known for forty years & taken this long to get past the stonewalling Church & press. How this sect of Satan has shamed God’s name!


    2014-06-08 12:41:43 Reply

    One epidemic was the so called Potato famine, which wasnt a famine at all, it was English Soldiers removing at gunpoint, all food from Irish farmers and tenants to pay to absentee Zionist landlords in London…wheat, corn, hogs, sheep, goats, cattle, there was plenty of food but not once it was taken.
    Close to 5 million died altogether, the story is horrific.

    Under Englands Penal laws, Irish Catholics could not own land, lease land, inherit land, vote, bear arms, educate themselves, attend mass, practice law or run for political office ie PENAL LAWs.
    Over 300,000 Irish were taken as slaves by Cromwell and his henchmen and sent to English Colonies in the Caribbean.

    But somehow this story and history wont make the books, wonder why? Story on Irish slavery here:


    2014-06-08 16:33:50 Reply

    Guns N Rosaries comments “The current regime infesting the Vatican is not ”
    don’t make me laugh or cry they have been at it and still are rht now to some poor innocent child


    2016-11-03 17:49:39 Reply

    Pedophilia has existed throughout mankinds existence. It’s only become more apparent in the 20th century due to the increase in the media machine and public awareness and social media where the crimes cannot be hidden in the shadows anymore. Although governments and world organizations do their best to hide and cover up these scandals because many of those involved hold top offices around the world.

deborah drake

2014-06-07 18:51:41 Reply


Khun Dang

2014-06-07 20:02:10 Reply

All religions are run by satanic cults — all of them. Religion is a control paradigm for the weak-minded.

    Garret W.

    2016-02-18 23:10:51 Reply

    All of religions is a tool for control of sheeple, only the weak minded would believe the lies that demons spread to pervert the real truth that God gave us, the modern bible is missing most of the books and the important parts. The way to keep the human race ignorant, is exactly what has been done all of our history. This world is Satan’s domain, and has been since Adam and Eve. Soon it will be over though, when Christ comes back and takes the good souls before shit really hits the fan.

Maryann Ortega

2014-06-07 21:24:16 Reply

The Catholic Church is a farce!


    2015-02-19 00:14:26 Reply

    No it’s not. Farces are funny. This is sick. The Catholic church ranks somewhere between a cult and a criminal organization.


2014-06-07 21:51:25 Reply

I grew up in orphanage homes run by nuns. To this day I feel nothing but fear and dread when I see them. I hate Catholicism with a passion. I hate the whole religion. To me it symbolizes the very face of Evil. I can believe this story after what I saw myself and the way that I was treated by these monsters and how they pimped us out to pedophiles who are hustling the welfare system by having children in their homes that they are supposed to care for. I was taken to juvenile detention at the age of 14 when I stabbed a rapist who was trying to molest me while I was asleep. I was let go 6 months later after he committed suicide after he was cornered by the police after raping and killing a little girl that was staying in the same house with us. I repeatedly told everyone who was an adult what was happening and nothing was done. These are the kind of people that are picking up kids from these orphanages and taking them home as foster parents. It’s one big business, where they hustle the government and make money from having children who have the misfortune of being in their presence.


    2014-06-19 20:13:32 Reply

    I empathise with you as one who was insulted and physically beaten by some Carmelite priests over 5 years in secondary school. I left at 16 and saved myself. You must have suffered terribly in your case.

    On the other hand, I would appeal to you to turn to Our Blessed Lord who would never condone such appalling behaviour and who doubtless will disown those evil people when they die unless they have repented contritely. Turn to Him in your heart and find a true friend and guide through this valley of tears. Hate only turns us bitter which is all-consuming. Better to ask Him to show you how to let the fear go, forgive them their awful sins and to be able to grow again in Faith, Hope and Love.

    My prayers go with you.


    2016-08-13 01:41:20 Reply

    My dad was In a Catholic orphanage in Kentucky in the 1940’s. He was dropped off there when he was four, he’s now 82 and STILL talks about being locked in a closet for days at a time as punishment for some “infraction” of the rules! The nuns (for the most part) were bitches from hell. He STILL speaks of the time he was denied permission to go on a picnic with the families because he had way too many bruises on his upper arm. One nun would grab a chunk of skin and twist it, causing bruises.

    My heart aches for his pain. He has had a MILLION wonderful memories to replace those ones, but they never will. My dad will, in all likelihood, leave this life with those evil people on his mind.

For glory

2014-06-08 05:28:11 Reply

“I realy like your Christ Jesus and the love and glory he brought. but you Christians are a shame to your selfs” not that i am any better”


2014-06-08 10:05:08 Reply



2014-06-08 12:35:57 Reply

The real story?
England’s powerful Drug companies and vaccine makers, persuaded the schools under the guise of human safety and saving lives to use Irish Catholic children as guinea pigs, and many died. Others in the photos look well fed and content. But this wont make the news.

England used entire continents like Australia to send debtors and their children, as slaves, for debt. England ran its own orphanages and boarding schools or must we revisit Charles Dickens, who lived through this horror?

    Gretchen Saaduddin

    2014-06-10 00:32:16 Reply

    First Nation kids in Canada were experimented on after being taken away from their moms. Some were even shipped to New York for a study on the benefits of lobotomy.

    Actually, a lot of this abuse is now happening with our large senior citizen population. There are all sorts of schemes to make money off the helpless, and there really is not much a family can do about it.

Luke Nichols

2014-06-08 12:59:35 Reply

Their days ares numbered. Soon ALL will be laid bare.


2014-06-08 13:10:15 Reply

When you consider that over the last 2 millenia the Church has MURDERED over 200 million, this is a drop in the ocean.

But what is this church? It is a cult based on a real person, Jmannuel. His teachings of the Creational Laws were twisted to make up this cruel mind control cult. Jmmanuel was in the line of the earlier Nokodemion prophets, Henoch, Enoch, Jeremiah etc, and late Mohammed, Galileo and today, BEAM.

When we advance spiritually, some have told us in about 800 years time, we will live within the Creational Laws. Cultism will only be a memory. Many today are moving in that direction. with a little outside help. Try The Pleiadian Mission by US psychologist Randolph Winters, that based on, BEAM’s story.

If you believe you descended from chimp 4 million years ago.. when humankind has a 3.6 billion year history in this Dern Universe, in this Great Time, (a Great Time is 314 trillion years), then that is your problem,

    Rhonda Dangerfield

    2014-06-09 09:22:15 Reply

    How many people do you think Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot killed in the last century. BTW, Hitler really was not “Catholic” or christian, more a very eclectic New Ager.


      2014-06-15 08:45:22 Reply

      “Christianity….the unshakeable foundation of the moral and ethical life of our people”.
      “Faith is absolutely the only basis of a moral and ethical outlook on life”.
      ( Adolf Hitler, under whose regime the Deutsch Christian movement expanded enormously. )

      “Christianity…a perverse ideology that is alien to life”.
      “Every ( SS man ) should believe in God, what we call Waralda, the Ancient One”.
      ( Heinrich Himmler )

      Thus you see the internal conflicts between the Nazi ideologues. However, if you actually read the 25-point NSDAP manifesto, you will not find anything therein which you would consider objectionable.
      The reason why Nazism has been demonized is fundamentally that it sought to detach jewish usury from the necks of the goy nations; this could not be tolerated; Churchill therefore in 1936 was bribed with the sum of £40,000 by the jewish chairman of Shell Oil; from that time onwards, he sought the holocaust of Germany.

      Michael Igoe

      2016-03-02 15:09:23 Reply

      It’s a strange, illogical way of thinking: that the RC Church’s abuse isn’t quite as bad as it might have been if Mao or Hitler had been running the show. If it’s wrong, it’s wrong. You don’t make comparisons.


2014-06-08 13:43:52 Reply

What’s disgusting is the number of lay Catholics who continue to serve and tithe to this Monster. What would the Catholic Church have to do in order for people of conscience to walk away? I’d say “Torture and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent children,” but obviously THAT isn’t enough.

What’s WRONG with you people! The RCC should be burned off the face of the Earth!

PS. Protestants, so-called, are no better. The RCC is their “mother,” too. Religion is a prison of the mind.

(deleted) Catholics

2014-06-08 16:14:08 Reply

This is why I do not believe in this religion or any other religion.


2014-06-08 16:48:37 Reply

Horrifying, yes. Read Malachi Martin’s two books:

Windswept House (“faction”)

The Jesuits (non-fiction)

These discoveries are really not as atrocious as it may seem. The leadership of the RC Church has been at this, and other heinous crimes for centuries.


2014-06-08 17:22:00 Reply

The Catholic Church, and the Anglican Church of England have been killing babies and children since their inception. They worship Satan and use the children in the rituals. In Canada, many witnesses have come forward claiming to have watched priests, and in two cases, Popes, ritually killing new borns, an toddlers during Satanic rituals. Has been going on forever.


2014-06-08 18:42:41 Reply

MY family left IRELAND,because the catholic church were kidnapping our children,and women,most of the children were murdered by the church,but hundreds were taken to the carabinen as slaves,BY THE BRITISH MILITARY, to spend the rest of their life in the sugar cane fields,working ,being raped and murdered……….NEVER GIVE UP YOU GUNS,…ITS ABOUT TO HAPPEN AGAIN………….


    2014-06-10 19:36:38 Reply

    Irish fled not From The Catholic Church, Mass being banned by England and her Penal Laws amongst all other basic human rights, but because food was taken at gunpoint from the armed English soldiers.

    It wasnt hundreds of Irish kids taken as slaves by The Church which was beloved by the Irish, it was hundreds of thousands of children taken by Cromwell and his English cronies and shipped off! That is part of why the hatred persist of England to this day.

    The Church is and was The people. It taught, fed the hungry, clothed the poor, sheltered the homeless just as its done throughout history, and to this day the biggest charitable organization on the planet.


      2014-06-15 09:02:13 Reply

      Your wilful naivete is extraordinary, Bill.
      During the so-called Potato Famine in Ireland, which was actually, as has already been pointed out, the genocide of millions of Irish Catholics by decree of the powers that be in London, the Irish Church stood by and watched unprotesting. This is because the British bought them off with special food shipments, as their congregations starved to death and were buried in the mass unmarked graves which still litter the Irish countryside.
      Incidentally, the jews have always sought the death of Christian monarchs, and hence were foursquare behind Oliver Cromwell, just as they were behind the jews who murdered the Christian Czar of Russia and his family.
      Most people know that the Slave Trade, whether of Irish Catholics or Africans or white persons of other origins, was entirely conducted by jews. However, their total control of the media has led the foolish to assume that this was a phenomenon of white on black; or English on Irish, etc. Such persons should recollect that it was the very English themselves who finally outlawed this practice throughout their empire.


2014-06-09 16:01:50 Reply

At a very long last, the attitude that “THE CHURCH CAN DO NO WRONG” is going away, and the truth about ‘people’ who insist the ‘They Know Best’ is coming to light. A ‘church’ that can get away with striking a child’s hand with the edge of a ruler for the ‘crime’ of being LEFT HANDED nbeeds to be called to task and everything they have been hiding for generations needs to be shown to the P)ublic.

+C. D. Timotheos

2014-06-09 16:42:42 Reply

This state of the church was foretold by a mystic, Blessed Charles Grestl, who claimed to have seen Christ in 1947. Christ gave Grestl a message: “the priests represent me on the altar an I am always waiting.” This message was given to Cardinal Spellman of New York City and sent in a letter to Pope John XXIII. Blessed Charles NEVER received a response.

Actually, the New Testament also predicts this same thing when Our Lord asks if He will find faith when He returns.

ALL Christians, especially papal loyalists, must take a stand against the evil in the Vatican today. It is not just an issue of theology but one of human decency. See my blog: or email me at: +C. D. Timotheos.

The Dean

2014-06-10 04:59:54 Reply

This is one reason I and my ancestors for generations all the way back to Germany, Ireland and Sweden have been Protestants.

And no, not all Christians or denominations have done this on this scale. And not all religions are from Satan.

And no, this is not what Jesus or the Bible ever taught. Just the opposite.

“Do unto others as you want done unto you.” — Jesus

Warren Mclachlan

2014-06-13 19:24:50 Reply
ilmaria Children’s Home
William Mclachlan


2014-06-19 20:23:26 Reply

It is the churchianity that I loathe and the postmodernist liberal propaganda machine that predominates as the model for churchianity.

What I love is the Christianity of Christ and not the hypocritical and loathesome humbug of so-celled liberal modernist whited-sepulchry that claims the church is enjoying a springtime and is better than it was many centuries ago. We need to follow Christ’s teachings much closer and call the lie to the popolatry which overrides in today’s misguided church.


2014-06-28 16:26:18 Reply



2014-07-09 08:35:55 Reply

I wonder if we are soon to reach the top of the Pedophile Mountain ? is the recent scandal of the British government concerning Child abuse and the missing dossiers documenting there vile activities about to blow the lid of the whole evil centuries old organisation. The sooner the better, time for the Great Cleaning them human kind can move forward, the truth will set us free but we will never forget.


2014-09-03 23:17:56 Reply

I’m sorry for all these victims and the frustration of no justice for them.

keith willcock

2014-09-24 11:55:56 Reply

Almost 50 years ago I worked as a Child Protection Worker in the indigenous communities along the James Bay Coast. Many of the children were housed in orphanages run by the Jesuits. They would tell me of the abuses that took place there. I have spent my whole life trying to help in my own small way to make the world a little better. I have worked with many kids who were abused and have suffered from wars here in Latin America so I suppose I should be a little hardened to it all but I’m not. Reading this I just want to vomit…and then run outside and cry. My question is what makes people seek out solace in such a perverted institution…STILL?


2014-09-29 22:01:30 Reply

Wow this is disgraceful! I am very outraged by this and it makes me sad that there is people like this who are operating in the church.

Jesus warned them and said it would be better for them to have a rope tied around their neck and thrown in the deepest sea.
This is how Jesus feels, so don’t worry they will pay for their crimes!
God is cleansing the church and it makes it not such a pretty sight, there is a lot of people who join these orders that God never called and then there are those who are called who are running away from their destiny.

Porn is a poisen and evil that must be defeated!
it is because of pornography that this is happening at a larger scale.
Now am not saying this hasn’t always happened but porn has not helped.

This doesn’t make me want to leave the Catholic Church, because I won’t let a wicked few ruin it for me, because its my church too.

I know my church has made mistakes but these few can not speak for a billion people!
Believe me, most people hate child abuse and want to stop it.

hello may allah bless you

2014-12-31 10:17:59 Reply

Are they still killing babys everywhere?

Klas Flowerpower

2015-11-20 13:17:42 Reply


Patricia O'Brien

2015-12-30 00:09:26 Reply

How many Irish Catholic children died in Saint John, NB, after crossing from Ireland, having been forced out by British lords and ladies?

mike aherne

2015-12-31 05:51:04 Reply

nothing surprises me when it comes to the Catholic church.


2016-01-02 02:32:39 Reply

They need to keep chasing down the people responsible for all these atrocities!

David Boyce

2016-02-26 16:39:04 Reply

I was identified at birth as the Second Christ and was born near the ancient Stonehenge- Dog Head at the Big Arm Last Mountain Lake used both by King David and Jesus Christ who I and Prince Madog were reincarnated from. The Dog Head marks the Stairway to Heaven and is in Rev.22:15 and also marks Valhalla and is the west marker for Vinland along 51 Lat. King David = Viking Dad. The Elohim are called the Nordic because of their looks. The RCMP murdered everyone who ever talked about meeting them. Christians are total idiots and I am an Elohim-sapien thank God as Homo-sapien as a species is a waste of time and are inferior idiots. George Bush Sr. is Antichrist and you vote him in as president? The Vatican Knights Templar finally caught up with Madog and he was murdered by what is now Dilke Sask. He inherited Last Mountain Lake from both the tribes and Culdee monks. Christianity=Y I Antichrist = Y I a Tin Christ shows Jesus was a tek tone tin merchant. The satans and Satanic churches use a Jesus of Nazareth carpenter born Dec 25th to trap people and send them to hell at Lake Baikal . If you allow innocent children to be murdered simply shoot all the Satanic church clergy. My name was changed to Jesus Christ.


2016-03-01 09:39:44 Reply

Please, the link in this sentence is broken: “As of November 2013 over ten million Catholic Priest child sex abuse cases have been documented as shown here.” Is there somewhere else it can be found?

Stacey: The Vatican appears to have vast power. The website you mentioned disappeared some time ago, as did 50 of my articles that were published in The Examiner right after I published an article about the present Pope Francis.Thanks for caring about abused children. Judy Byington


2016-03-01 15:28:46 Reply

Very interesting article and comments. Thanks for sharing. I began following and researching crimes involving serial sexual predators almost a decade ago. The catalyst for this journey researching was due to the abduction of a hiker from the north GA mountains by a sexual predator/serial killer.
Recently, I ran across a 55 year old case in Texas involving a Catholic Priest.

Ex-Catholic priest, 83, appears frail and confused in first court appearance after being charged with killing beauty queen 56 years ago.

A former Catholic priest charged with killing a beauty queen 56 years ago hours after hearing her confession appeared frail and confused during his first day in court on Wednesday.
John Feit, now an 83-year-old married grandfather, was aged 27 when investigators believe he killed Irene Garza, 25, a second grade teacher once crowned Miss South Texas.
Feit, who has been considered a prime suspect in Garza’s death for more than half a century, was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Tuesday before attending a deportation hearing the following day.

Irene Garza was last seen going to Sacred Heart Church for confession in McAllen, Texas

The former Miss South Texas was heading to see priest John Feit, then 27
She vanished and five days later, search parties found her body nearby
Priest John Feit was sent away by the Catholic Church after her death and was always considered a suspect
‘He was arrested earlier this week after a grand jury chose to indict him’..

Footage has emerged of his first court appearance in which he uses a walker and says he doesn’t understand why he’s been arrested

Eilish De Avalon

2016-03-06 13:03:28 Reply

Panel: World Pedophile/child sacrifice network based on Babylonian system includes 2016 Trump, Clintons, CIA, Popes, Monarchs, Churches, Governments, Courts, Banks, Masons
Law and our Endocannabinoid System are solutions to deconstruct these ancient demonic energetic Soul engines
Vancouver, BC – On Leap Day, February 29, 2016, the first of series on ongoing Panels evaluated the evidence surrounding and solutions for eliminating a 5000 year old (or more) planetary (and galactic) Pedophile/child sacrifice network based on the Babylonian system, and that includes the 2016 leading US political candidates (the Clintons and Donald Trump), the CIA, Popes, Monarch, Churches, Governments, Courts, Banks, Masons and Freemasons. A paradoxical combination of Law and Cannabinoids may be among the solutions to deconstructing these ancient energetic engines for “Loosh” or “soul energy” sold on the intergalactic black market that are the pedophilia and child sacrifice networks.

Real Suvarna

2016-03-09 10:49:58 Reply

There are so many spiritual paths that offer peace and harmony for individuals seeking THE TRUTH OF DIVINE…. Why is it that people continue to believe in what priests force you to believe, instead of seeking out the TRUTH BY YOURSELF ???

joe callan

2016-03-12 21:07:43 Reply

If the Catholic church didn’t exist would these pedophiles not exist. I doubt it.


2016-03-16 02:13:23 Reply

Joe callan. They might still exist, but they wouldn’t have an institution that harbors them, so they can hone their craft.


2016-12-06 16:45:56 Reply

This is very distributing arcticle.
The church having these celabist priest doing God preaching work does NOT work.
Let’s not play games, priests, rabbias, imams, monks, ministers, Nuns, etc any human being should never be in position to be CELABIST. Almighty God, only has power in this.
Actually, what is happening is against ANY OF THE RELIGIONS ON THIS EARTH.
This must stop. THE Vatican MUST , ALLOW THE PRIESTS and the NUNS TO MARRY!

Gordon Anderson

2016-12-06 23:55:15 Reply

Jesus was right. People can’t handle the power of organized religion. Go directly to God in prayer. You don’t need an intermediary !

Bert van Baar

2017-06-17 15:12:49 Reply

And you know why they had to live under celibate laws: when they don’t get ligitimat kids, there will be no claim of inheritment from the possessions of the priests so the pope / cardinals could keep all these possessions to themselves.