Children for human sacrifice rescued; Mafia arrested; Assassination attempts on Whistleblower

Exterior of Eurpol headquarters (AFP Photo)

Exterior of Eurpol headquarters (AFP Photo)

Exterior of Europol headquarters

Targeted for human sacrifice, 30 Romanian children were rescued, over 2 tons of drugs seized and 1027 arrests made by European INTERPOL police in a nine-day sting that ended last week. Evidence leading to arrests of suspected Ndrangheta mafia and Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult members from six countries was provided from recent pedophilia and murder cases of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels according to Kevin Annett in today’s exclusive interview.

“Further cooperation with the police is expected, included in taking down executives of the Cargill corporation in Minneapolis who are engaged in child trafficking and killing” Annett indicated. Police in three European nations were working directly with the ITCCS to arrest global elites who feed children into Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifices and pedophilia. Reverend Annett acts as North American Field Secretary for the ICLCJ Court and International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State which has been prosecuting Ninth Circle cases since 2010.

The Ninth Circle was said to be populated by Popes and Vatican officials, British, Dutch and Belgian monarchies, prominent politicians, government officials and global businessmen such as those of the Cargill Corporation. These global elites of the Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult were believed to pay big bucks for the Vatican and Ndrangheta mafia to supply children for their monthly child sacrifices.

The Brussels International Court has spent the last 4 years investigating and prosecuting Vatican-led members of the Ninth Circle, but not without cost. “There have been two attempts on my life in recent weeks,” Annett claimed. “I believe these assassination attempts resulted from our recent arrests in Montreal of Ninth Circle cult members who were preparing for a child sacrifice, plus the success we have had in recruiting police to help our efforts. The brake lines of my car were cut, causing a serious accident. Then I was physically assaulted on September 20 while traveling in the US. I have recovered and am presently under protection.”

Authorities in the US, Australia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Colombia cooperated in the hundreds of raids on this Ninth Circle child exploitation ring suspected to be run by an office at the Vatican. “Since last spring, I have personally provided evidence of the identity of known child traffickers to INTERPOL and police agencies in three European countries” said Annett. “The recent arrests in Europe included members of Ndrangheta criminal syndicate who were transporting thirty Romanian children to ritual sacrifices in Belgium and Holland. We identified these criminals to the police as well as the addresses where they were being sent, including in Zwolle, Holland and a suburb of Brussels.”

Police in at least three European nations were working directly with Annett’s ITCCS to track child trafficking networks and make further arrests according to an ITCCS press release. “The European police agreed to work with us in these recent arrests after the success we had in securing the help of police in Montreal, Canada on August 15 in stopping a planned sacrifice of two children at a Catholic Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult ritual in a home in Outremount,” Annett said.

“Cargill Corporation Executive Kerry Brick is among the suspected Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult members” Annett continued. “Months ago a survivor testified that as a child they were taken to Cargill Corporate Headquarters in Wayzata Minn where they were forced to observe a child sacrifice. From what other eyewitnesses reported to the ICLCJ Court, Ninth Circle members appear to be very influential and able to get away with doing child sacrifices across the globe.”

The Italian mob known as Octopus or Ndrangheta, was believed to work with police and Catholic orphanages in Montreal and Dublin to provide children for monthly Ninth Circle blood sacrifice rituals. According to mob wife Anne Marie van Blijenburgh, her husband Kees van Korlaar along with his three brothers, formed the criminal organization that ran with the Vatican, a child exploitation syndicate. The child rape, torture and murder was thought to be funded by European royalty, celebrities, politicians, businessmen and other global elite seeking feelings of power through Satanic worship.

Blijenburgh claimed in a recent hearing of the ICLCJ Court, “By order of Dutch Queen Beatrix the Ndrangheta Mafia worked from 1960 through today organizing the murder, torture and rape of children of Netherlands youth detention centers. I have been taken to their ceremonies three times and seen a child killed each time.”

“The Corona Novem, Crown or Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult began at least three centuries ago at the Vatican,” Annett said, “but has expanded to embrace local Satanic child sacrifice cults across Europe and the Americas. Thanks to Catholic pressure, the Ninth Circle affiliated strongly with Nazi cultic groups that had close ties with the Waffen S.S. during the 1930′s and ’40′s.”

Reverend Annett narrowly escaped assassination directly after exposing the mob-Vatican connection to child exploitation through Blijenburgh’s interview. On Sept. 10 his car was discovered to have its brake lines cut after he barely avoided a lethal accident on a British Columbia highway. To add to the suspicion of Annett on a Vatican mafia hit list that had influence across the globe, prior to Annett’s Canadian “accident” two Belgian ICLCJ Court researchers were picked up and held for a day without charges while being interrogated about Annett’s movements.

Months ago the ICLCJ Court was notified of Ndrangheta hit orders on their 6 international judges, 28 jury members and other court officials including Annett. They surmised the death threats had roots in their July 19 conviction of Pope Francis for criminal conspiracy, obstructing justice, plus aiding and abetting child trafficking while acting as an Argentine priest and bishop. Earlier this year two adolescent women testified that Pope Francis raped them while participating in child sacrifices. According to a sealed document obtained for Court from the Vatican archives, Pope Francis was a perpetrator in satanic child sacrifice rites while acting as an Argentine priest and bishop.

Another witness testified that they were present during Pope Francis’ many meetings with the military Junta during Argentine’s 1970′s Dirty War. According to the witness, Pope Francis helped traffic 30,000 children of missing political prisoners into an international child exploitation ring run by an office at the Vatican. Some of those children were suspected to rest in a Catholic-owned child mass grave site in Spain.

Threats to whistle blowers who testified before the Court have increased as over 60 eyewitnesses to child torture and murder have come forward naming their childhood perpeptrators as members of the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult.

A ICLCJ Court investigator went missing this year after supplying the Court with possible evidence that Pope Francis Bergoglio and retired Pope Joseph Ratzinger performed child sacrifices in Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult ceremonies. A special office at the Vatican supplied children for the global elite Ninth Circle child trafficking according to former employees of the Vatican Curia who filed affidavits in the ICLCJ Court last year.

The missing Court investigator brought a total of 14 witnesses who, prior to their testimony before the ICLCJ Court, were killed, died of mysterious causes, or were incarcerated in a jail cell or mental institution without being charged with a crime. That included Annett being held overnight in a London jail without charges, then deported. His crime? He had shown up to support a protest for 50,000 missing native Canadian children, ten of whom disappeared with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in 1964 and haven’t been seen since.

The ICLCJ Court’s problems with the Ndrangheta mafia, Vatican and Queen Elizabeth began when they started collecting evidence for and litigating Ninth Circle cases. Reverand Annett had formed the ITCCS back in 2010, then unable to secure court time in Canada, organized the ICLCJ Common Law Court in Brussels. Annett was seeking justice for the genocide of 50,000 missing Canadian tribal children. Since the late 1800′s native parents had been forced to give over their children to the care of 80 mainly Catholic-owned native residential schools across Canada.

The ICLCJ Court heard cases against 30 global elites believed involved in the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult pedophilia and murder activities. In a 2013 verdict (see the evidence in Annett’s the Court found that thousands of native children attending Canadian residential schools were starved, beaten, raped, tortured, subjected to sometimes-lethal CIA mind control experiments and watched other children murdered. Over 32 unmarked child mass gravesites were located on mainly Catholic-owned residential school grounds – that since 2008 have been refused excavation by the Canadian Government, Catholic Church and English Crown.

Among the 33 convicted so far was Queen Elizabeth, Pope Ratzinger and the present Pope Francis. Queen Elizabeth was found guilty in the disappearance of ten children from the Catholic Kamloops residential school in British Columbia. Several eyewitnesses who had undergone Ninth Circle ritual abuse throughout their childhood, named Pope Joseph Ratzinger at child sacrifices. Ratzinger turned in his resignation from office a few days after his Feb. 2013 conviction, although the former Pope still lives at the Vatican protected from legal prosecution.

In the second ICLCJ Court hearings which began April 19 2014, Pope Francis, Catholic Jesuit Superior General Adolfo Pachon and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby were found guilty for the rape, torture, murder and trafficking of children, plus cover up of Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult crimes. Eight eyewitnesses claimed being present at child rapes and sacrifices by global elite members of the Ninth Circle. The most recent murder rites were said to take place during the Springs of 2009 and 2010 in rural Holland and Belgium.

About the Author

Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, retired, author of “Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities” ( is a retired therapist, Public Speaker, Activist and investigative journalist whose articles on international child exploitation rings have been cited on hundreds of blogs and websites. The ex-Supervisor, Alberta Mental Health and Director Provo Family Counseling Center is the CEO of Child Abuse Recovery and Speakers Bureau (

If you have news tips about child abuse issues that may connect to international child exploitation rings, please email Judy You are invited to sign our petition to Congress for an investigation of the CIA mind control of children by clicking here:

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2014-10-06 21:38:01 Reply

I applaud the efforts of those brave souls who have come forward and revealed their abusers. Yet, I remain skeptical. I’ve seen no solid evidence of any arrests or any pictures of the sites used for the ritual ceremony. The truth might have some more validity to it if it were backed up with some visual evidence. Unfortunately, in these times, going merely by faith alone (lest it be the Gospel) is not enough with so many wolves in sheep’s clothing lurking about. I implore Kevin Annett to provide more proof of his allegations so that I can support the cause monetarily and/or with my time.

    Judy Byington

    2014-10-06 23:05:13 Reply

    Michael…If you dig into the ITCCS website, look at the videos of survivor testimony, read “Hidden No Longer,” available on this CAR site and add to that the information and links in my articles on Before It’s News, you will find plenty of evidence that brought Kevin Annett, the ITCCS and the ICLCJ Court to this point. The ICLCJ Court has a continuing investigation going and is working with legal entities in at least three different countries. I doubt that evidence will be available until cases have completed litigation.


      2016-11-17 06:01:38 Reply

      Greetings Everyone,

      My name is TruthBearer and you might see me posting on Human Child Sacrificing is still on-going there are links of it from Hawaii to different places such as Texas, California, and Florida.

      The areas usually occur in locations that are sunny and filled with people. These locations are specifically chosen as the ‘sacrifices’ don’t have to deal with cold weather/snow.

      You can tell an energy vampire, which is also a sacrifice/sacrifice by them saying things ‘I don’t like the cold’ and or sudden personality change. If they say ‘ I don’t like a cold’ that is a potential clue you may be in the presence of someone who has practiced satanism or is involved in it.


    2014-11-13 18:24:28 Reply

    Dear Michael,
    I know all of this is hard too believe!when i first found out i was in shock couldn,t believe it either!
    Then i started digging on the internet for more proof. What I found out was even more shocking!
    I suggest you do your own homework before making comments like that.
    How do you think the victims will feel when they read your post?
    Its a world wide Cabal of satanic child sacrificing pedophiles.
    All the elites and European royals are involved.
    All part of the illuminati!
    The more you dig the more you find!

Fernando Carneiro

2014-11-08 00:09:11 Reply

Remarkable! We must protect our children! All over the world! God bless your job!


2014-11-12 18:18:44 Reply

I am moved to know of your work. I am a survivor of satanic ritual abuse. I am just now becoming more public with my story. I have held back due to fear for my well-being (of course!).
Now I am an energy healer and work with survivors of all kinds of trauma. My goal is to eventually be of service to other survivors like me.
With deep gratitude,

David Howard

2014-11-12 20:45:37 Reply

Google “The FBI uses polygraphs to eliminate suspects”


2014-11-13 18:31:55 Reply

To Judy
Thank you for your efforts too bring this out in public,it takes a lot of guts doing this!
Most whistleblowers getting threads just like Kevin annett!


2014-11-15 11:09:53 Reply

At least the police have done something useful. No one really knows how many people this group has killed or abused. I am not surprised. Any one who been to third world and other European countries knows these psycos are free and on the loose. Many other groups like these must exist.


2015-02-01 23:22:01 Reply

While reading this it came to light about the brazen comments from elites about the need to de-populate the earth, for they have no conscience about the value of human life as if we have no soul. Or is it that they believe they are feeding the soul to satan? So painful to relize that so many demons walk among us… Come QUICKLY LORD JESUS and stop this I pray, I pray for protection to all who know and fight this demonic activity. Destroy them LORD JESUS. Make me one warrior in YOUR return where we are directed to collect these demons sending them to HELL. Allow me this one desire that breaks my heart knowing of such evil.


2015-12-22 19:18:48 Reply

People think they will get away they forget to took look up that there is a God up there who watching them theses psychos think there invincible no one is promised tomorrow. .


2017-01-07 14:10:11 Reply

Micheal is one of “them.” He was the first to reply. It is his job to say such things. It’s the same m.o for many truth bringer sites, especially for Kevin. He’s a good man and a true courageous hero. Go with God, Kevin. You are loved for all that you and yours do. That is the weakness of the bad guys. They think by doing the something over and over again that they’ll get the same results. Not anymore, their jig is up and WILL face justice one way or another.