CIA torturing children to create super-spies?
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- Fred on December 13, 2013 inInvestigations Press Releases

“I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse and torture. I was also experimented on and subjected to mind control” says a woman from Jersey City, NJ in a 2013 petition requesting a Congressional investigation:…

Therapist Valerie Wolf stated, “When word got out that I was appearing at this (1995 Congressional) hearing, nearly 40 therapists across the country contacted me to talk about clients who had reported being subjects (as children) in radiation and mind-control experiments. . . electric shock, use of hallucinogens, sensory deprivation, hypnosis, dislocation of limbs and sexual abuse.

“I’m a survivor of tax-funded torture, enslavement, human trafficking and mind control, including sexual abuse,” said another woman. “Two additional members of my immediate family are in recovery for these crimes including one who is still a minor.”

This CIA mind-control program that tortures children into “super spies” began in 1953 with the import of Nazi mind-control specialists through Project Paperclip. The official version is that these torturous experiments on children were shut down in 1964 after survivors won a lawsuit against the CIA and Canadian Government. There were Congressional hearings on the human experiments in 1977 and 1995, but Congress voted not to release their findings, while survivor-witnesses asked for more investigation. The torture of children by government employees appears to continue today as survivors say they and their children are being accessed by the CIA program.

A Burbank California woman stated, “I have known too many survivors of this horror, and am aware of at least one child currently at risk.”

David Free of Doubleview Australia feels this CIA torture of children is a global issue, “I am a survivor of mind control programming in Australia and South East Asia. The American CIA was greatly involved in the abuse. . . My abuse has corroboration with the same programming and similar deployment of North American victims/survivors. A pattern of many Canadian and U.S. ritual abuse survivors was also of subsequent revelations of abuse within government organizations such as the FBI. Mind-control developed specifically by the CIA was being abused on victims who were deployed in espionage, assassination, policing and extracting monies through illegal operations. These were covert operations such as espionage on people, drug production-distribution and illegal arms supply.”

Survivors of this severe abuse talk of international child trafficking. Of 1471 who responded to the 2007 Extreme Abuse Surveys, 451 said at least one group that abused them were national or international in scope and 177 claimed they had been transported out of their native country for the purposes of ritual abuse-mind control. There were 500 who said “yes” when asked if they were made to participate in child prostitution and 578 claimed they were involved in child pornography.

Dutch therapist and ritual abuse survivor Toos Nijenhuis described cults that routinely kidnap, drug, rape, torture and murder children at private estates in Holland, France and a military base in Australia. Ms. Nijenhuis talked of child sacrifices as late as 2010 to Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State in this 2013 video:

The ITCCS is preparing common law court action against European elites who appear involved in these child exploitation rings. In Feb. 2013 one such successful court proceeding in behalf of 50,000 missing native Canadian children – some of whom were abused in mind control experiments in Canadian provincial hospitals – appeared to influence the resignation of Pope Francis Ratzinger.

In Garden Grove California mind-control survivor Jenny Hill claimed she witnessed the murder of another six year-old identified as Kathleen Shea of Tyrone Pennsylvania. The June 21 1965 human sacrifice ceremony was overseen by a Dr. Green – a man named by 1995 Congressional hearing witness Christina deNicola as having received 50 million dollars to run the government program. Hill described her experiences in her biography, “Twenty-Two Faces” and in this UTube video:

Green was discussed by other witnesses of the 1995 Congressional hearings. Therapist Valerie Wolf stated,”Clients have named some of the same people, particularly a Dr. Green, who was associated with clients’ reports of childhood induction of pain, mind-control techniques, and childhood sexual abuse. . . A person with this same name was the scientific director of the Chemical and Radiological Laboratories at the Army Chemical Center, and was engaged in doing research for the Army and other intelligence agencies.”

Should parents be concerned? Highly organized child exploitation networks such as those that may have been involved with the abduction of Kathleen Shea, appear quite common. According to a July 25 2007 article Beyond the Dutroux Affair by Joel van der Reijden: “The idea of a lonely pedophile grabbing children from the street only seems applicable in a relatively small amount of cases. There’s a significant amount of evidence that a lot of child abuse happens within networks consisting of degenerate families and their acquaintances, which are exploited and protected by people higher up in the food chain. Children in the network often are forced to bring in other children. The new ones are then controlled through certain psychological routines involving threats, shame and guilt.”…

“I was one of the nine Canadians that sued the CIA as well as the Canadian Government,” said Amanda Bynes. “I had my memory erased, was given LSD and Electric shock and put into a deep sleep while a brainwash tape played, ‘You Killed your mother.’ I never did recover.”

Comments 3

Gabe Perchinsky

2014-05-09 17:07:39 Reply

This is what happen to me, too – mkultra

Gabe Perchinsky

2014-08-05 17:29:26 Reply

They dosed me with LSD even though I was eight years old. I did my work too good and now I’m retarded from being dosed. I could be intelligent if I recovered. The XXXX Nazi XXX holes. They murder children. If people grew horns they would have them.


2014-08-20 22:37:27 Reply

Thank you for your worthwhile article. The MKULTRA program was never stopped and continues to this day.

I would think that there would have been thousands, possibly tens of thousands of children selected for this program. I would never have believed how totally it can be kept hidden, had I not experienced it first hand. My mother and uncle were highly instrumental in keeping me away from any social network, particularly, my extended family, which is large and successful.

When I was two years of age, my mother took me to a medical facility and a medical worker scratched onto my left arm a small mark. I still remember how painful it was, as she etched one line at a time. When I turned five, I realized that the mark was a swastika. I was terrified because I knew that it was a Nazi symbol and that the Nazis had tortured people in wartime experiments. I knew that I would be used as an experimental subject and that I might not be able to endure the tortures inflicted on me. I considered running in front of a truck, in order to end my life. I did not say a word to anyone at the time. Because I passionately wished to go on living, I buried the knowledge of the mark. I knew that I could not live with hope, ambition, idealism, goodness, energy if I did not do so.

I had likely been chosen because I was of exceptional intelligence and qualities. As a young child, I recalled being taken to an empty classroom and tested for I.Q.. I was said to be of prodigious intelligence. I was highly regarded in high school and two universities and was told that I wrote as well as my professors. (My younger brother sailed through the study of aerospace engineering, doing a minimal amount of work and expressing disappointment that his peers did not fully grasp Einstein’s theories. My brother moved to silicon valley and lived there, working in softwear design.)

Only in the past several years did I finally bring back to mind the swastika mark. I realized after looking at a number of websites, that I had been utilized for the MKULTRA program. I have seen lists of experimental objectives of the MKULTRA program and I could check off having been tested in many of them. I was given a number of rewards and opportunities, such as being introduced to and becoming friends with a number of famous painters and a famous writer, with whom I became friends. Much of the recent torture has been of a psychological nature and it has been far more horrific than I could readily relate. I believe that persons in my situation deserve significant restitution for having had our lives usurped from us.

My handlers may have made efforts to ensure that I would have a positive attitude toward the Agenda 21 program, which has been introduced slowly for over a decade and is increasingly evident. They may have asked me under hypnosis or drugging how problems of poverty could be eased.

I have learned very much, especially in the last seven years. Being part of a terminal, non-consensual research program has been grievously painful, but also extremely edifying. I have made very many discoveries. I can only attempt to live with hope and appreciation, despite the difficulties.