Suspect Child Abuse?

Identify – Record – Report

Possible Child Abuse
Report Child Abuse to your local police or Child Protective Services.
Homeland Security Investigations
Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-422-4453

CAR, SMART and ITCCS are partnering to help abused children. We believe that freedom of speech is a human right. Survivors of horrific child abuse can break their silence, expose the truth and help to ensure the violence that they endured doesn’t happen to another child. Written and video testimony is welcome.

Detailed descriptions of abuse or possible child endangerment situations are vital to helping children such as naming possible perpetrators, plus giving specific dates and places of past abuse. Leaving your name, email, phone number and address is very helpful, though you are free to leave information using an alias.

Your information will not be viewed by the general public and is only available to specific and trusted members of CAR, SMART or ITCCS. We will take whatever precaution possible to keep your data confidential. However, since we are legally responsible to abide by local, state and national laws that may require us to report possible child endangerment, we cannot be held responsible if your information is released. Non-personal information may be published in an attempt to find other victims. CAR is an https website and your IP will not be recorded.

By signing and dating a report on this CAR website you agree that:

(1) your information is true and correct to the best of your knowledge

(2) your information may be used to locate and help abused children

(3) you give us permission to quote from your information

(4) we will not use your name in the quote unless you give us permission.

(5) personal information is kept in an electronic file away from public viewing

(6) you understand the risks of leaving data on our website as described herein

(7) By checking the box below you are giving us permission to release your information to legal authorities

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