Decapitated, dismembered children in Catholic mass grave site were ritually murdered?

Getty Images Irish Examiner: Mothers protest, ask for investigation of child mass grave site by a judge

Getty Images Irish Examiner: Mothers protest, ask for investigation by judge of child mass grave site

Marks on the bones of nearly 800 children found in a Roman Catholic Nun septic tank indicated they had been ritually killed a source within the Irish Garda police force revealed this week. The informant told five judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) in Brussels that forensic experts have confirmed the decapitation and dismemberment of babies in the mass grave resembled the usual signs of ritualistic murder. Last week death certificates were released on the 796 Irish children, ages two months to nine years, found in a cistern at the Catholic St. Mary’s Mothers and Babies Home near Taum.
The forensic evidence appeared to link the children’s deaths to the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network. Since last month Roman Catholic and Irish government officials have been named by witnesses at the ICLCJ Court as members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult. “These children weren’t just cut up, they were massacred” the policeman from the Irish Garda told the court.
Yesterday the Irish government and Roman Catholic Church may have commenced a cover-up by closing off the child mass grave site and announcing their own in-house “investigation.” “That is the standard procedure in any institutional cover-up” stated a June 11 declaration issued by the ICLCJ Court Citizen Prosecutor’s Office in Brussels.
Since March the ICLCJ International Court has been prosecuting members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network for child trafficking, pedophilia and murder that possibly linked to 34 child mass grave sites discovered in Ireland, Canada and Spain. The child mass grave sites were on properties mainly owned by the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church, United Church of Canada and Irish and Canadian governments. The Canadian 32 child mass grave sites have been refused excavation by the Catholic Church, Canadian government and Crown of England even though children’s remains have been uncovered and examined since 2008 by licensed archeologists including one from the Smithsonian Institute.
In the last month over 20 witnesses from nine different countries have named members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network as their perpetrators. Global elites under indictment included European royalty and prominent church and government officials in England, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Canada and the US.
Yesterday hundreds of protestors marched in Dublin to the Irish Dail, or Parliament, demanding a full inquiry with the power to prosecute. Two seven-year-old girls handed Irish Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald and Children’s Minister Charlie Flanagan a petition signed by 30,000 people from Ireland and around the world. It demanded a judge lead the inquiry into the Catholic Church-run and Irish state-sanctioned institution for single mothers.
We are giving you and the Government this petition,” Dasha Klyaritskaya-Hilliard and her friend Juliette Bruce Merzouk told the ministers “so that we can understand why other children just like us were not treated with the love and respect that is the right of every child.”
The protestors were organized by a group called Justice for the Tuam Babies. “It was somber, but at the same time uplifting that people had come together and were able to commemorate the little lives that were lost and the abuses that took place,” said spokesperson Kevin Squires. “Defiantly, there was a subdued anger there. I don’t think people would have come out if they weren’t angry.”
There was a right to be angry, even furious. Since last month over 20 ICLCJ court witnesses have named as their perpetrators at least 24 members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network. Those targeted by prosecutors were nine top judges including British High Court Judge Fulford, brother of the present King of Holland Prince Friso, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands; British, Dutch and Belgian royal family members including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip and Dutch Queen Wilhemina, her family and consort King Hendrick; Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Pope Francis, former Pope Ratzinger, Dutch Catholic Cardinal Alfrink, a Canadian Catholic bishop, plus senior government ministers, politicians and businessmen in Belgium, England and the US.
A Catholic Jesuit Order dated Dec. 25 1967 and called the Magisterial Privilege has been provided to the ICLCJ Court from the Vatican archives. The document was said to show that every new Pope was required to participate in Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifices of newborn children, including drinking of their blood. For the last month the five ICLCJ judges have “examined numerous eyewitnesses and Vatican archival documentation that clearly link Catholic Jesuit head Adolfo Pachon, Pope Francis, former Pope Ratzinger and Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to the ritual rape and killing of children as recently as 2010.”
In 2012-2013 the ICLCJ Court in Brussels successfully prosecuted 40 global elite suspected members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip were found guilty of taking 10 children from the British Columbia Kamloops native residential school on Oct. 10 1964. The native parents of the children haven’t seen them since. Within days of Pope Ratzinger’s Feb. 2013 guilty verdict, he resigned from office. Last month Catholic Jesuit head Adolfo Panchon announced his resignation after the ICLCJ Court linked him to Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult ceremonies.
Evidence in the 2013 ICLCJ Court trial in Brussels on Canada’s 50,000 forgotten missing native children was chronicled in Kevin Annett’s “Hidden No Longer” that can be read for free here. The children died, disappeared or rest unacknowledged in at least 32 unconsecrated mass graves on grounds owned by the government of Canada, Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church and United Church of Canada. It was found that for more than a century and until 1996 the Canadian native children died from rape, torture, germ warfare, slave labor, medical experimentation, involuntary sterilizations and assaults defined as genocide by the UN Convention on Genocide.
The ICLCJ International Court has over 450 Common Law Peace Officers in 13 countries, with 51 local chartered groups operating. Local organizing funds are available for common law groups wishing to apply. To contact the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), ICLCJ Court in Brussels, its local affiliates, or to volunteer email or call:,
About the Author
Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, retired, author of “Twenty Two Faces” (, is an investigative journalist whose articles on international child exploitation rings have been cited in over 3,000 websites. The retired therapist, Supervisor, Alberta Mental Health and Director Provo Family Counseling Center, is the CEO of Child Abuse Recovery and Speakers Bureau ( If you have news tips about child abuse issues please email Judy You are invited to sign our petition to Congress for an investigation of the CIA mind control of children: http://www.chang

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I am speechless.


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It’s time to rise up good people of ALL races and beliefs! What we are seeing must make you realize what is really going on? Put down our differences! EVIL is growing, how much more will we take? WE MUST ALL STAND TOGETHER.


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    Here in Armagh City we have unmarked graves of little children, in fact there is talk of using the unconsecrated ground used to dispose of these little ones for conventional burials in the near future.
    But the brainwashed sheep, here and further afield, will say what’s done is done and forgive the unconscionable cruel hearted barbarians responsible. Don’t expect but a few to stand up and condemn the foul deeds, for the many are victims of Priest Craft, unable to think outside the box they are imprisoned in since childhood, being told what to think, told what to believe, and now as adults unable to shake off the chains of indoctrination and become free thinkers.



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If one was to look for and uncover absolute evil on this planet, the first place one would look to would be the churches and their so called religions. Yet the “sheep” will still follow and be led to slaughter.

Lilith Levine

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Thank you for reporting this mass murder of little children I only hope that the sick elite that carried out this massacre are brought to justice we have to give these children a voice


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About the satanic & pedophile practices of the English royal family

The elite pedophile ring in England isn’t a myth unfortunately. In the 80’s we heard of a pedophile ring in Kincora Boys Home in Belfast created by the MI6. Shortly afterwards it was the orphanages in Wales. Then those of London, Scotland & finally Jimmy Saville went down. Today everything is done to cover up the biggest scandal of all: The implication of the royal family in this pedophile ring. So we’re going to talk about Satanism, pedophile crimes & a strange affair of a ceremony going wrong in the south of France.

In 2012 a certain Chris Jones declares his two brothers, Adrian & Leander, have been assassinated because they were about to expose that elite’s pedophile ring & Miss Margaret Thatcher. Chris Jones told that when he was a kid he was forced into sexual intercourses with a High Court judge & a cop.

Jones also denounced John Allen, manager of a Welsh orphanage, where many scandals were revealed recently. Adrian Jones had been a resident in Bryn Alyn & in 1992 he threatened John Allen to give him up if he wasn’t paying him a financial compensation [1]. He was killed on April the 17th 1992 in the criminal arson of his house.

In 1995, Chris & Leander testified against Allen during a Court hearing. Soon thereafter he died of an overdose.

Allen was sentenced to 6 years in prison in 1995 for the aggressions committed between 1972 & 1983. Then during the Waterhouse investigation on the rapes in the Welsh orphanages, he again was involved in 2003 but finally escaped the 36 accusations for abuses in the homes he was in charge of.

He arrived in the orphanages business in the middle of the 60’s, after starting in the hotel trade & in 1969 he opened the Bryn Alyn Community residential schools, a chain of orphanages & homes for children. The first one functioned with 11 people not trained to take care of children.

84784545_oAt one point, Allen was managing about 50 orphanages in northern Wales & elsewhere like London & Brighton, & about 500 children stayed there.

The business was very fruitful since in the 80’s the State was giving 15.000£ per year for a child [2]. In the middle of the 80’s the numbers rose to 2,8 millions of pounds per year for a benefice of 80 to 90,000£, but Allen received no less than 204,800£ per year, owning a yacht on the French Riviera, where he possessed a villa sold in urgency for 200.000£.

In 1992, Allen lost his agreements & the schools were shut down in 1997, following a disastrous management & important debts.

172 people testified being victims in Allen’s orphanages. Of course some of them also denounced Allen as a pedophile (28 of them were finally heard). Leander Jones was one of the victims. He became a prostitute in London just after leaving the home. At 17YO, he went to Amsterdam. He testified during the procedure against Allen, but died of an overdose before the beginning of the trial in 1995. Would you believe that Allen disappeared between the allegations of Leander & his death, only to come back & deny everything during the trial?

Finally only denunciations for sexual aggressions were accepted & no rapes, even though many testimonies matched.

Already in 1982, Allen was heard by the police about abuses committed in the care of his homes, but nothing resulted out of it. & already at the time a victim said Allen was paying him to keep him silenced. Logically, we can ask ourselves whether those huge debts were not directly linked to these blackmails from his many victims.

The Lost in care report considered the abuses committed by Allen were repeated & extensive. It estimated that Allen pushed towards pedophile behaviors the homes staff. Children were sent in orgies, prostituted in hostels & threatened. Certain victims were raped by the managers & the educators of the homes, but also by their friends. Of course no complaints had any results & no enquiry was made when powerful pedophiles such as magistrates or cops were involved.

84784689_oPaedo-satanist ring

The shadow of freemasonry lurked behind all these stories. & even though nothing was officially found, numbers of the people involved were freemasons. It reached a point where victims asked the tribunal to make a list of magistrates, cops & others accused belonging to freemasonry. Why ? Because a cover up was feared, and indeed happened. It could have not been any different with Judge Gerard Elias being a member of the Dinas Llandaff lodge in Cardiff, but also the High Court judge in this case. & Lord Kenyon, the chief of police of northern Wales being himself provincial Grand Master [3], was caught several times protecting his comrades.

Children were sent in villas & hostels to be raped by influential pedophiles.

We also know some of them, like Gary Cooke, AKA Reginald Cooke, who had left the Army in 1974, introduced children to other pedophiles. One of them who had entries in Allen’s homes, Graham Stephens, even took one of these youngsters to Denmark in 1972.

We also have this story of the Dunblane massacre in March 1996, when a “mad killer” & known pedophile entered a school to kill 16 kids & their teacher before committing suicide, which was armed with the help of a freemason who later became a NATO secretary general, Lord Robertson.

Lord Burton, another freemason, local Grand Master, denounced the incredible protections in this story & qualified the enquiry of “cover up”. Burton in fact denounced the affiliations of Lord Cullen, the high magistrate who led a pseudo enquiry on this massacre, to the Speculative Society, linked to freemasonry, whose certain members raped children at the Queen Victoria’s school (for military staff’s children, led by the Duke of Edinburg, Prince Philip himself), same school where the “mad killer” was having his entries before. Cullen was set baron in 2003, probably as a reward for having protected his friends.

& this is solely a very small part of the smothered pedophile scandals in Great Britain.

The Elm guest house affair, this brothel for powerful pedophiles installed in the heart of London is another. Why those systematic cover ups? Because deputies, judges, ministers, prime ministers & even royal family members are named by many victims.

Now we’re going to talk about the English royal family, but of course written sources will be missing here.

The English royal family a Nazi coterie?

84784715_oWe’re not going to linger on those facts now well documented, even threw the official History propaganda.

We now know the links between the English royal family & Nazis were very tight, & probably still are, if we consider the Nazi costume recently worn by Prince Harry.

Prince Phillip

In the English family also we can find Nazis, like the Prince Charles Edward, a Saxe Cobourg Gotha Duke & favorite grandson of Queen Victoria [4], who was deemed a traitor during WW1 & joined the Nazi party at its conception. In 1936, Hitler sent him to England to be the president of the Anglo German Friendship Society to tighten their relationships; he was also the president of the German Red Cross.

On the other hand, we have also Edward VIII, who literally gave Hitler the French defense plans before WW2 ! Prince Edward tried to get closer to him through his Society but no luck: He had to resign just before the war.

As for Phillip, all his four sisters were married to German princes with Nazis sympathies. One of them was a SS colonel attached to Himmler’s personal service. The Queen mother was actually opposed to her daughter’s marriage to that German prince.

All these details were found in libraries & historians archives, but don’t forget this was a taboo for over 60 years. Prince Philip only started to speak about it when the whistle was already blown in order to shut it down.

It was Philip’s uncle, George Van Battenberg, brother of Louis Mountbatten who was his legal representative.

Lord Mountbatten :

Considered to be Prince Charles’s mentor after being Prince Philip’s one. Navy’s admiral he was on the first lines to organize the drug trade between southern Asia & Europe. He’s the brother of the Queen of Sweden, the uncle of Prince Philip & both bear their true name Battenberg, which have been Anglicized as Mountbatten.

Mountbatten was linked just like Edward Heath, to the Kincora Boys Home’s story, an orphanage in which the MI5 created a pedophile ring to blackmail certain personalities. Children from the Kincora Boys Home were taken to a castle in Ireland belonging to the creator of the Hellfire Club, an elitist sectarian group founded in the 18th century.

84784763_oThe orphans were also used by the MI5 to record their sexual acts with foreign diplomats on film.

Mountbatten was also the one to get Jimmy Savile to be the first civilian to be decorated by a green beret, a military distinction, in 1966.

Edward VIII & Mountbatten were also under the suspicion of sharing homosexual relationships, even though they were cousins.

He died in the explosion of his ship in 1979, blamed on the IRA, though several rumors pointed towards the secret services. Furthermore we know he was with a 14YO boy, Nicholas Knatchbull, when the explosion occurred.

Porphyria :

Porphyria (from the Greek porphyra meaning violet) is a blood disease found commonly in European Royal families, as well as Russian Tsars, where consanguinity is the rule.

We are told this disease, under its different symptoms, created the myth of Dracula, because people afflicted by it have to regenerate their blood, either by dialysis or drinking it.

We can also add that being over-drugged with synthetic cocaine, the blood of certain people is so rotten they have to change it or drink it every day for breakfast [5]. It may be crazy but it’s true.

The rumors go wild but the Royal families, specially the English one always denied being afflicted by this disease, just like their suspected ancestors George III & Mary Stuart. Queen Victoria’s granddaughter Charlotte had this disease, just like her mother Vicky & Queen Elisabeth’s cousin William of Gloucester.

It must be just a coincidence Prince Charles declared in October 2011 he was a descendant of Dracula (Vlad Drakul) through his grandmother Queen Mary.

But Dracula‘s not a myth, just like drinking blood or staying away from the light of the day aren’t. & guess what the most wanted blood type is? White children’s.

The royal family, a pedophile bunch:

84784797_oThe English Royal family, just like other Royals & leaders of most developed countries & probably of others as well, is plagued with pedophile behaviors.

Why? Because just like most of our world leaders, the English Royal family members are Satanists.

Due to that fact, they’re of course pedophiles. It is also interesting to know the Queen, just like all her descendants consume huge amounts of pure cocaine each day, by the kilos per month.

We also know two of prior Prime ministers, Harold Wilson & Edward Heath, practiced children’s sacrifices, which are a must for a freak out Satanist. Heath really enjoyed his trips to Jersey’s orphanage where he killed several children. He could also be found at the Kincora Boys Home, linked to the Hellfire Club, & at the Elm Guest House as well.

In 2008, Paul Kidd, a Buckingham Palace butler was also caught for rapes he committed on children for 30 years, while working for the Royal family. Of course no links were found between the pedophile ring he then created & the Royal family. One of the victim, then 14YO, testified he was taken by Kidd in the late 70’s for a tea with the Queen.

In 1999, an international enquiry under the code name Ore led to arrests in Holland & England, where the cops established links with Labour party pedophile members & the prostitution of trafficked children from Belgium & Portugal [6]. Blair’s ass was so much on the stove he imposed the media not to spill out any names [7].

It’s no mystery Jimmy Savile was attending satanic rituals. We now know he was providing the Government with children, like in Jersey where a witness once saw him embark a kid on Heath’s yacht, then Prime minister of England.

There are good reasons why Deputy Tom Watson asked for a serious enquiry about “A powerful pedophile ring linked to Parliament & Downing Street”.

84784895_oSeveral facts corroborate the Royal family inclinations to those practices:

>Jimmy Savile: The BBC star was the children’s provider for the much closed circle of the Government & the Royal family. He had access to several orphanages (like Jersey’s for instance), but also young girls pensions & mental hospitals, from which he had all the keys & where he was even lodged [8]. He could get children anywhere & anytime.

Jimmy Savile, who nowadays collects more than 450 complaints of abuses, has been introduced to Prince Charles by Lord Mountbatten in the late 70’s, which is about ten years from the time the first complaints on Savile appeared (in 1964).

From then on, he became a close counselor of Prince Charles, advising him on the choice of a new assistant & even to his own wedding. He had free full entry at the Palace, where he behaved as usual: Like a dirty old pervert he was.

People now think his moronic show “Jim’ll fix it” (1975-1994) sole purpose was to get him close to more children.

Let’s add that apart from being a well-known pedophile, Jimmy also practiced necrophilia [9], as well as satanic rituals. Facts witnessed by several victims. No wonder the body of a young woman was found at his apartment’s doorstep on the morning of February the 5th, 1977. His friendship with serial killer Peter Sutcliff, who confessed to the murder, & their geographic proximities before he was sent to Broadmoor, one of the mental institute Savile had access to, can raise due questions.

Savile’s nephew Guy Mardsen recently told he was taken as a young boy by his uncle, to orgies with powerful people, where he was asked to bring younger friends for “entertainment”.

84784936_o>The strange story of the kidnapped Native kids in a pension in Canada: I’ve already talked about that affair in an article about Canadian Native Indians genocide, where their children were taken by force to catholic orphanages, to die & be exploited in pedophile prostitution & trafficking. To make it short, three survivors of these orphanages witnessed the kidnapping of ten Native children by the Queen & her consort. During a royal visit in summer 1964, in one of these orphanages in Kamloops, British Columbia, the children were presented to the Queen & Prince Philip.

The first witness died rapidly after having spoken, & the last, William Combes, also died in February 2011 before he could testify to the trial which sentenced the Queen & the Pope (but we’ll speak about it later on). Some like Kevin Annett who did many researches on the matter say his death resembles much an assassination.

The pension was under the Catholic Church supervision & many children were tortured & even killed, just like most of these residential schools. The day of the royal visit, certain kids had the privilege of being taken for a pic-nick with the Queen & her consort, as well as a few priests. Combes, who was 12YO at the time recalls: “I remember it was strange because we all had to kiss the boots of the Queen, which were white with laces.” After a while, ten children left with the Queen & Prince Philip. 7 boys & three girls, aged 6 to 14, who were “never to be seen again”, tells this witness in an official testimony in February 2010. “We never heard or seen them after that day, even when we got older”.

> The recent condemnation of the Queen of England (As well as the Pope) by the International Court of Belgium for crimes against humanity. We’re talking about the massacre of Canadians Indians children in Church’s owned orphanages which were turned into brothels. There’s an estimation of 50.000 lost children, apart from those we know to be dead. This verdict was given the 25th February 2012 after a month of deliberation by more than 30 members of jury who examined 150 cases of sexual abuses & ill-treatments in those orphanages. Benoit 6 was sentenced to 25 years of jail but resigned right in time, & because he’s old, he might pass through the net. Is the Queen of England about to resign, just like Queen Beatrix just did, or the King of Belgium Albert II, who’s ass on the line with all the pedophile cases he’s into & who’s about to do the same ? These condemnations (They all got 25 years & it’s not much) are the results of a hundred years of battle from Canadians native Indians to be recognized as victims of this genocide. The word only got out recently in the 90s when hundreds of people gathered the evidences of these atrocities.

84785069_o> The Templar’s Castle affair in 2001. I’m now going to demark myself from David Icke. Though he also talks about the Satanic practices of the Royal family but add they’re all reptilians. David icke’s sole purpose is to set us to false leads. This story is very serious & was entirely covered up to blackmail the perpetrators.

In 2001, most likely in the Alpes Maritimes & very likely between mid-may & mid-august, France was plagued with rumors among the secret services that the public masses never heard about unfortunately. Each year, a great satanic ceremony was settled in a Templar castle in Cagnes sur Mer by & for the English Royal family.

The cream of the Satanist elites was to be present including many members of the MI5 & MI6. The program included orgies, tortures & murders of a high number of children & adults. Thus, they needed a great quantity of preys that were locked down in the basement, where the rituals also took places. Let’s add all these people were completely high, almost hypnotized & role games got thing even more confusing.

What happened in 2001 is that many victims actually escaped [10]. This caused a great mess in the surrounding countryside & also the intervention of the local police. They called the English military which expatriated the English Royal family members, especially William & Philip, hidden until the waist under potato bags[11]. This way, most of the French cops & the English military men present never knew who the people were swiftly hidden away in the back of an anonymous van.

84785378_oEverything could have gone for the best if only a copy of a video shot during the rituals in the castle wouldn’t have ended up in foreign secret services. The CIA & the Mossad seems to own their copy, & a number of copies are available for sale all over the world.

Apparently many English Satanists are under the threat of blackmail which costs them a lot since this affair came out.

Why don’t we, the good people have any right to know anything about this story & furthermore about all the geopolitical consequences as we still seem to bear its aftermath 12 years later? Now it is clear that nothing has changed, as impunity reigns over those cocaine-addict psychopaths who rule the world.

Question: How many children & adults (mostly women) were massacred during those blood bathed rituals? & when this all damn things will ever stop??


Two years ago, I’d thought it would be totally incongruous to speak about Satanism. Satanists for me were isolated nuts whose rituals were as inoffensive as they were ridiculous. It was a great mistake.

First I had to admit Satanist practices & such were commonly practiced in France, & that they include the collective rapes, tortures & often murders of children. The use of candles, robes & other satanic folklore isn’t always observed, but the rapes & murders are systematic. I then had to admit, because too many testimonies came out, that Satanists are infiltrated everywhere: Politics, media, social services, and industries. Because they also infiltrated many other sub-groups like freemasonry & other secret societies. We will of course examine these matters later on these next weeks.

[1] Allen explained during the trial he had payed between 7 to 8.000£ to Leander & Adrian .

[2] The most difficult children payed more, Allen brought far more children into his homes than what they could actually sustain. Same with the urgency placements. According to this pecuniary logic (which is the same in France where all those private associations are making their doe on the children’s backs… While advising Courts to place the children), the children usually stayed about two to three years in Allen’s homes.

[3] His son Thomas even payed an emprisoned pedophile caught in this affair a visit, to ask him not to give the ring up and that he would intervene for him to his father. He was a pedophile (& the police knew it perfectly welll, though his favourite victim was never protected from him) and died of AIDS in 1993.

[4] It was Queen Victoria who decided to send her grandson to Germany, where he would come back as duke of Saxe Coburg Gotha, the german principality her husband Prince Albert originated from . At 16 Yo he became Carl Edward, owning 13 castles in Germany and Austria etc. He got married with a dauhter of the Kaiser and fought England during the First World war, so that he lost all of his english titles in 1918.

[5] The intake of certain drugs like cocaïne, which is a main addiction for the english royal family, can create a latente porphyria or increase the disease.

[6] Some children from the Casa Pia, this portuguese orphanage which was used to supply children for sexual orgies, were groomed in this ring.

[7] Which helped his assitant, Philip Lyon, to be cleared out of the way until 2003, when he got caught for downloading pedophiles pics.

[8] Savile had his own flat in Stoke Mandeville hospital and also in Broadmoor, for which he called for a collect funds. He was regularly visiting the morgues alone, which leaves us thinking. He also had all the keys of Broadmoor (psychiatric hospital) where several rapes were commited.

[9] Which made it all easier since he had all the keys of the places named before.


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Mother and baby home horror: “There was a secret room of doomed babies who never grew up”:

Brian Birkett

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These Evil bastards should be hunted down and burned at the stake when found guilty,enough is enough,time to make the sentence match the crime.or crimes.


2014-06-14 14:40:16 Reply

David Icke has been telling us about this for years. Maybe now people will start to sit up & listen.

    et Setera

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God is coming

Guns N Rosaries

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I don’t doubt that this has been going on since as early the late 1950’s once the first in the latest line of anti-popes was installed in Rome. There may have been some isolated incidents where enemies of the Church had infiltrated previously into positions where this could occur. I would tend to think that any child’s remains having been ritually abused would be most likely to have happened since the late 50’s.

As far as the mass killings in the 19th century, the evidence seems to fall apart from a previous search on these occurrences. Plague was somewhat rampant from time to time, so child mortality would be high.

I will be much interested in any inquiry that takes place.


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Come to Australia where Family Court Judges have knowingly put children at risk by forcing them to live with convicted child sex offenders. There is a Royal Commission into sexual abuse in institutions but the Family Court isn’t counted as an institution. When the abuse continues, we are unable to sue the judges and lawyers responsible and are silenced by the Family Law.


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I am sorry to read this, however it is about time the truth comes out. Hopefully the United States will follow with the heinous crimes performed on children by the Roman Catholic Church.

It is not just in Ireland, it is around the world. Here is a story that was posted in the National Catholic Reporter. “James” was found credible by the catholic church and this was written almost 8 years ago!!!

Issue Date: July 28, 2006
Australian man accuses priest of ritual abuse

In 2002, the Melbourne, Australia, archdiocese paid a legal settlement to a man who alleged a priest abused him in satanic rituals. The alleged victim, a 56-year-old Australian who asked to be identified by the pseudonym “James T.,” also claims he witnessed at least three brutal murders that took place during the rituals.

The man’s claims became public May 26 when Australian crime reporter Gary Hughes broke the story simultaneously in the country’s largest daily papers, all of which are owned by the News Corp media conglomerate.

James T. claims he was abused starting at age 11 in 1961 by Fr. Thomas O’Keefe, a priest of the Melbourne archdiocese. He said the abuse lasted about three years. During that time, he claims O’Keefe and others — most of whom he says he cannot positively identify — performed satanic rituals and killed at least three people.

James said he decided to contact the media after Fr. Gerald Robinson, an Ohio priest, was convicted May 11 of ritually murdering a Catholic nun. Leading up to the trial, allegations — still unsubstantiated — surfaced that Robinson was connected to a larger group of priests who practiced Satanism and murder in cult fashion.

According to Msgr. Les Tomlinson, vicar general for the Melbourne archdiocese, O’Keefe died more than 20 years ago.

An October 2000 letter written by Peter O’Callaghan, a lawyer and investigator for the Melbourne archdiocese, accepted James T.’s abuse allegations as credible. After meeting James and evaluating his psychiatric treatment history, O’Callaghan wrote James’ lawyer, saying “I am satisfied that [James] was a victim of sexual abuse inter alia [‘among other things’] by Fr. Thomas O’Keefe.” In January 2001, Cardinal George Pell of Sydney — then Melbourne’s archbishop — wrote James an apology and offered compensation.

Speaking for the archdiocese, Tomlinson said James was ultimately paid 33,000 Australian dollars, but Tomlinson described the allegations in more nuanced terms than does O’Callaghan’s letter. “We have a complainant whom [investigator O’Callaghan] had no reason to disbelieve, but whose allegations cannot be substantiated,” said Tomlinson. Since the story became public, Tomlinson told NCR, he’s been contacted by psychologists who advised him to regard memories of ritual abuse “with great criticism.” Tomlinson added: “As far as I’m aware, there have been no other allegations made against this priest.” Nor, the monsignor said, is he aware of any other ritual abuse claims against Melbourne church employees.

The Melbourne archdiocese represents just over 1 million Catholics, said Tomlinson.

Although James’ allegations were brought to Australian police in the late 1990s, thus far police haven’t substantiated the crimes.

Bill Frogameni, a freelance writer, lives in Michigan. National Catholic Reporter, July 28, 2006.


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franny wokkels (@frencis777)

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They should all be killed. Why are they walking free if they are convicted? It’s crazy. They should get the death penalty. If those monsters keep walking around our children will never be safe.

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johnny q

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    Judy Byington

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    Johnny…Thank you for helping to advertise this horrible situation. Two children have reported their father was part of a satanic cult at Christ Church Primary School that murdered babies in front of them. They were placed away from their protective mother into foster care where their father had access to them and they recanted their stories. Please help us spread the word.


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This document provides article and video links regarding the Podesta Pizzagate scandal, and so much more.

Stephen Yohannes

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Sabina Salim

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Shame of religious people! That must be the beginning of the end of the Catholic church. Enough is enough. We all know what they were doing from the beginning of their creation: inquisition, killings, tortures and executions, papas – paedophiles and adulteries… That is enough!

800 little angels died from hands of cruel Catholics – 800 little precious! just in Tuam – how many more in another places just of Ireland?
And how many more?

Time to judge that horrible judges!