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Ritual abuse exists all over the world. There have been reports, journal articles, web pages and criminal convictions of crimes against children and adults. Click here to go to the ChildAbuse Wikipedia.

1. What is Ritualized Abuse?

Ritualized Abuse is the secret use of prolonged, extreme sadistic abuse especially on children, done by a group of adults whose purpose is to teach an ideology that violates the norms and laws of society.

2. What Ideologies are used to justify Ritualized Abuse?

People have reported being ritually abused under various belief systems such as in the White Supremacy Movement, Nazism, Santeria, Voodoo and Paganism, though Satan Worship is the most common ideology reported used in the ritualized abuse of children.

3. Who is a Perpetrator of Ritualized Abuse?

Ritualized Abuse can be perpetrated by men or women from all walks of life and geographical areas. They can be transgenerational adults who were abused as children who in turn, abuse their own children. They can access children through day care centers, schools, churchs or through social groups. Aduts or teens who may or may not have had an abusive childhood, form ad hoc groups which form their own ideologies and rituals. Members of teenage Satanic groups, having been threatened with death of themselves or their loved ones if they leave or expose group members, tend to stay loyal to each other throughout adulthood.

4. Does Ritualized Abuse occur on certain days of the year?

Abusive groups, especially Satanic, pervert major holidays of both Pagan, Christian and Jewish traditions. Groups with blended traditions celebrate several holidays. Some holidays such as Beltane and Samhain extend over several days. These can include dates of the full moon, members’ birthdays, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Independence Day or symbolic days significant to that particular group such as a leader’s birthday, the anniversary of an achievement or a particular year with numerical significance to the group. Common Ritualized Abuse dates are:

  • Candlemas 2-2
  • Spring Equinox 3-21
  • Lent (6 weeks prior to Easter)
  • Easter
  • Beltane 5-1
  • Summer Solstice 6-21
  • Lammas 8-2
  • Fall Equinox 9-21
  • Samhain or Halloween 10-31
  • Winter Solstice 12-21
  • Christmas 12-25

5. Why are so few victims of Ritualized Abuse believed?

A. On an ongoing basis abusive groups perpetrate the rape, torture and murder of children, thus have many reasons to keep their activities secret and are expertly trained in how to remain undetected.

B. Abusive groups terrorize their child victims into silence including creating a sophisticated system of multiple personalities within them that repress the tortuous memories.

C. Society turns it’s back in denial of Ritualized Abuse because it is natural to not want to believe that children are being raped, tortured and murdered and that norms and laws of our civilization are being blantantly violated.

6. Is it against the law to practice Ritualized Abuse?

There are laws in all US states and Canadian Provinces against common acts committed during ritualized abuse while some states have laws specifying particular acts or simulations of acts common in ritual abuse written in a way that no group’s freedom of religion is attacked. The common laws violated are for murder, rape, sexual contact with minors, kidnapping, assault and battery, cruelty to animals, vandalism and defilement of corpses. Ritual abuse can also lead to secondary crimes such as income tax evasion, crossing state boundaries to commit a crime, using the mail to commit a crime, money laundering, prostitution, pimping, pandering; creation, distribution and possession of child pornography, selling and possession of illegal drugs and conspiracy to commit crimes.

7. Why don’t we hear more about conviction of ritualized abuse crime?

A. During trial once testimony is introduced about religious or ideology intolerance, or that the case encompasses a conspiracy theory, all evidence can be discounted.

B. It is difficult to prosecute a case when there is no body (destroyed during the ceremony), no evidence (repressed memories of the crime often come back 20 or so years after the fact) or the murder victim cannot be identified.

C. Credibility of witnesses is at risk when they are children or have fractured psyches (multiple personalities).

D. Disinformation tactics are used to make people believe that there have been no convictions for abuse involving rituals or convictions have been based on hysteria and “witch hunt mentality.”

8. What are symptoms of those who have been ritually abused?

The Ritually Abused can show a fascination or phobia with symbols, objects and/or events such as crosses, crucifixes, pentagrams, stars, eyes, certain numbers, colors and/or “magick” or “occult” symbols, blood, knives, electricity, coffins, dolls, babies, certain animals and/or holidays, medical and/or dental procedures, childbirth and/or abortion.

An abused person often exhibits a low self esteem while extreme and prolonged abuse during childhood normally produces fractured thinking which transfers into a frequent loss of time, repressed memory and hearing voices in the head which are separate and apart from one’s own thinking.

9. How can one know if repressed memories represent reality?

What a ritually abused person remembers is a terrified child’s guess at what actually happened. The accuracy depends on how frightened, old, drugged, hypnotized and/or sleep deprived they were at the time, plus how skillful the perpetrators are at deception.

While any one part of a memory may not be exactly accurate, ritual abuse memories would not occur unless something happened. Non-abused people do not have continual flashbacks or memories of ritualized events that come back generally in nightmares and become clearer and clearer in detail as time goes on.