How to Process Memories and Break Programming
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- Fred on July 29, 2013 inHealing

How to Process Memories and Break Programming – Part I

By Sharon Reese, Author: Healing Broken Wings

Before memories can be fully processed, several things have to be in place.

1) Programming has to be broken. That is, you recognize the memory as real, you accept it happened to you, plus you have decided to heal from the abuse.

2) The alter or alters who took the abuse must be identified by name and age. Sometimes there are two alters who took part of the abuse: one who holds the memory and one who holds the emotions.

3) You have to be ready and willing to process the memory which means seeing, hearing, and feeling the experience your alters endured for you.

In programming victims are deprived of their sense of security. That might mean you had no sleep, food, water or contact with others for long periods of time or that you were put in a situation where you had no control over your life. That programming puts the brain into an easily suggestible frame of mind and placed the body into a weakened state that could not resist being tortured.

You need to discover the words used to program you. If you don’t have a therapist, you may consider fasting for 24 hours and ask God to reveal the words used to program you. I had success doing this. At the end of my 24 hour fast I went to my computer and said a prayer that the words would come to me and they poured out of me.

Knowing the programming words helps in several ways.

1) You learn what is true and what is false; what are their rules and beliefs and what are yours.
2) You learn to say “no” to suicidal suggestions that came randomly in your mind such as “Drive off a cliff,” “Go to sleep at the wheel,” or “Drive fast until you hit something.”
3) You learn to say to your alters with stern resolve, “We don’t drive off a cliff or sleep at the wheel. That is somebody else’s idea, not mine, not yours.”
4) You learn to not go into a trance or obey the programming.

Writing down flashbacks and expressing emotions are a vital part of recovery, though this alone doesn’t clear the memory completely. You must identify all the alters who took part in the abuse.

It’s important to parent your alters who took the abuse that you couldn’t handle. As soon as you are ready to face their painful experiences, the alter will be willing to share her memory and pain with you. Allow the alter personality to release all of their emotions.

Forgiving the abuser is the last thing you need to think about. You can’t forgive until you know what they did to you and how they affected you on different levels such as your mind, body, spirit, etc.

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this was good to read. The three suicide phrases you mentioned exactly what I have dealt with so many times and at random usually when I would try to talk about my abuse or start remembering things. I had a friend kill himself driving fast into something. This was helpful to read though now I know its not just me getting those phrases in my head. I like that you mentioned forgiveness can’t happen until you know what your forgiving them for. That’s a good point.