ITCCS – Queen avoids arrest for child trafficking by detaining innocent man?
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- Judy Byington on January 10, 2014 inPress Releases

Should the Queen of England be allowed to obstruct justice?

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Queen Elizabeth was allegedly involved in yesterday’s imprisonment of British citizen David Compan who was held against his will and sedated in the London Imperial College mental hospital. No charges have been filed.

What was Compan’s crime?

The child abuse advocate was attempting to enforce a Brussels Court of Justice warrant issued on the Royal Couple for their role in the disappearance of ten children. On Feb. 25 2013 six international judges found the Queen and Prince Phillip guilty of taking ten aboriginal youngsters from the Canadian Kamloops Residential School on Oct.10 1964. The pre-teens haven’t been seen or heard of since.

If the elites are getting away with child trafficking and incarcerating those trying to bring them to justice, then how safe are we and our children?

The Brussels trial on behalf of 50,000 missing native children was prosecuted by the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. The ITCCS was formed by Canadian pastor and archeologist Kevin Annett on request of Canadian tribal leaders. Efforts to bring crimes against their children to justice had been futile until the international court.

Prosecution had it’s challenges. In 2012 Harry Wilson, the first eyewitness to go public with his discovery of a dead adolescent, died of mysterious causes. He sustained massive head and brain injuries from an undisclosed cause.

There were 28 mass child grave sites discovered at residential schools across Canada. In Nov. 2013 another was accidently found by pipefitters. The child mass graves still await excavation even though Annett and a group of archaeologists including one from the Smithsonian Institute, uncovered human remains years ago.

Witnesses described being subjected to staff gang rapes, starvation, routine killings of pregnant or “unruly” adolescents by beatings and confinement without food or water, were regularly infected with small pox and prostituted to police and politicians in return for cash payments.

The children were also subjects of experiments including drug testing operated in association with pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lilly, Upjohn and Bayer. The drug companies funded the United, Anglican and Catholic churches which ran the 80 Indian residential schools in connection with the Canadian government and English Crown.

The Brussells guilty verdict was behind the Feb. 2013 resignation of Pope Joseph Ratzinger. The four month-long trial found the former Pope, Queen and 28 other elites guilty of crimes against humanity. Evidence used in the case was documented in Annett’s “Hidden No Longer” and can be read for free at: and

Ms. Windsor failed to respond to a Nov. 2012 summons, yet has not denied evidence presented at trial, nor disputed findings that thousands of native children have been abused, disappeared from and killed at residential schools.

In July 2012 an informant spoke to Annett. He was a former staff member at the head office of the Anglican Church in Toronto. He claimed legal efforts to expose these crimes were blocked by “orders from London,” representatives of the Crown in Ontario, plus Canadian government, Anglican, Catholic and other Church officials.

The largest grave site was located at the Mohawk Indian residential school in Brantford Ontario. In June 2001 Mohawk survivors brought suit against the Anglican Church and Crown. Judge Haines of the Ontario Supreme Court dismissed the case on grounds that legal action was barred by The Crown Liability Act of 1953.

Charing Cross Hospital Social Worker Elizabeth Scully confirmed to London ITCCS organizer Rhianne Mockridge that Mr. Compan was being held but wouldn’t release further information.

A newly-passed English law allowed the imprisonment of anyone indefinitely and without charges if considered to be “fixated” on public figures such as the Royal Family. This has been described as a “dastardly police state law” and can be reviewed at::

The ITCCS called upon its affiliates in 21 countries to stage protests, demand release of David Compan and nullify the new law used to incarcerate innocent citizens without due process. Contact or

Pharmaceutical companies like Eli Lilly, Upjohn and Bayer were connected to the CIA mind-control program on children. Thousands of survivors in the US, Canada and across the globe are requesting a Congressional investigation. You can sign the petition at:

For more information see:,,,

Comments 29


2014-01-26 02:54:26 Reply

She is not above the laws of God . She swore an oath to uphold those laws.. and therefore not immune. the crown cannot be held responsible as it is a corporation a “person”
but the position of ms windsor can be abdicated, for breach of oath.

Brabant Jocelyne

2014-01-26 04:19:16 Reply

Horrible system of Power! We become dummies of all those crimes.

Without money, or without knowing how the system could leave people quiet and liberty of act.


John crowley

2014-01-26 07:51:47 Reply

There all inbred anyway so no surprise there i hope it goes to the highest court in the Land and they are all Thrown in Jail and i’ll swallow the key..

jean thornton

2014-01-26 10:35:51 Reply

Very naughty people

John Bell

2014-01-27 00:35:24 Reply

This is absolutely beyond horrible. High-end village idiots at large. I feel sick.


2014-01-27 14:09:36 Reply

Wow, links have been censored!

simon wormald

2014-01-27 14:44:25 Reply

Facinating just 1 thing I don’t understand why and how did aboriginal children go to Canda they are native Australian after all

    Judy Byington

    2014-01-27 18:42:50 Reply

    The 50,000 missing are native Canadian children who are indigent Indian children forced to attend Canadian and church-owned (mainly Catholic) 80 residential schools across Canada. So far they have located 31 child mass grave sites, but ITCCS has been refused excavation of the graves, even though human bones were located several years ago.

the truth

2014-01-27 23:12:59 Reply

Its only a matter of time before this child murderer and rapist will be behind bars along with those sickos in the Vatican!!!!!!!!!!!!

George Hartwell

2014-01-28 20:38:01 Reply

I am filled with sadness, shock, and amazement by this report. That the host peoples of Canada and their children were treated this way is very sad. The cruelty and inhumanity of the treatment is deeply shocking.
What is unusual and amazing is the depth of revelation about the perpetrators and those ordering the cover-up. The information of the genocidal abuse in new. The involvement of royalty is strange. The revelation of ‘orders from London’ to shut down the inquiry is novel and, yet, refreshing.
In so many things in the past the involvements of higher levels of power has been obscured. One might suspect intervention at the high levels even up to royalty but it has never been revealed and suspicions never confirmed.
Suddenly evil is being revealed and the involvement of the Royal Family is made apparent. This is very new. This appears to be the one time you cannot fool all the people; the one time secrets are being revealed.

Gerald Albert

2014-03-08 08:01:18 Reply

My mom went to that school Kamloops. We feel so helpless to these basically common atrocities that happen still to this present day.The satanic worship is highly regrettable. Only if everyone knew about them. However, we are trying to steer the collective conscious to something more meaningful in the light of pure joy and love peace harmony


2014-05-07 18:08:14 Reply

How will this elite bunch ever be prosecuted when they control the system and the courts?

    Judy Byington

    2014-05-07 21:18:44 Reply

    That’s a good point, Dan. Watch for my next article on the latest. It should be up early tomorrow: Yesterday British soldier Vivian Cunningham was drugged and institutionalized after having a simple conversation with his superior about the arrest warrant issued against Queen Elizabeth. Last year Queen Elizabeth was found guilty in the Brussels Common Law Court of Justice for the Oct. 10 1964 disappearance of ten children from the native residential school in Kamloops British Columbia. Their parents haven’t seen them since.

    And, that’s not the first time the Queen has detained innocent citizens for talking about her guilty verdict. Read my other articles on her on this site. As before, the ITCCS is staging a protest to get him released. Publicity is our weapon against these global elites who control the mainstream media.

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2015-02-08 03:38:45 Reply

I like it when folks come together and share views. Great website, stick with it!