Nicole Kidman’s Father dies amid pedophile, child murder ring allegations

<strong>Award winning Actress Nicole Kidman and her father Antony Kidman (Getty Images</strong>)” width=”634″ height=”535″ class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-3216″ /></a> Nicole Kidman’s father <a href=Dr. Antony Kidman died Friday after fleeing Australia when accused of the sexual abuse and murder of children in an elite Sydney pedophile ring. A month prior Fiona Barnett had filed a complaint with the Australian NSW police and Child Abuse Royal Commission alleging Kidman’s sexual and physical assaults on her throughout childhood. When the Commission opened an investigation the clinical psychologist suddenly left his 43 years with the Sydney University of Technology and Royal North Shore Hospital to stay in Singapore until he died. The family has refused to comment and Singapore police opened an investigation on what they termed as an unnatural death.

Yesterday Barnett released her own theory about Kidman’s death,” The main perpetrator of my child sexual abuse, Antony Kidman, is dead after I filed formal complaints accusing him of the rape, torture and murder of children in an exclusive Sydney pedophile ring. As a child victim of mind control I feel he’s been sacrificed for failing to adequately program me.”

“Kidman was responsible for ensuring that I never disclosed pedophile ring activities that I witnessed as a child,” she continued. “He failed. News of Kidman’s death impacted me, someone who has undergone intense treatment. I know that there are other victims of Kidman’s crimes out there who are perhaps not as far along the healing path as I am. I anticipate that news of Kidman’s death may have a serious impact on these victims. A perpetrator’s death can even trigger suicidal ideation.

“My complaints last month to the Australian Child Abuse Royal Commission detailed two incidents in which Kidman subjected me to horrific physical and sexual assault” Barnett said. “But there are even more serious crimes against children that I witnessed Kidman commit as a member of the elite Sydney pedophile ring. Those complaints have gone to the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.”

Barnett spoke out the day of Kidman’s death – White Balloon Day 2014 – an event aimed at raising awareness for Australian children affected by sexual assault. She stated, “My contribution to White Balloon Day 2014 is to urge my fellow victims of crime to fight the filth that this monster deposited in their minds and if they can muster the strength, join me in my effort to give a voice to victims who are no longer with us.”

The ICLCJ Court has been looking into Barnett’s allegations against Kidman in relation to their investigation of the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult. Over sixty eyewitnesses such as Barnett have testified of Ninth Circle child sacrifice and pedophile activities that spanned the globe, including criminal activities against children in the Americas, Netherlands and UK commonwealth countries such as Australia.

The Ninth Circle was also said to have well organized and secretive human hunting parties that included pedophilia. Privately owned forest groves were believed used in the US, Canada, France and Holland. It appeared children and teens were obtained by the criminal drug syndicate Octopus, which was believed connected to the Vatican. The kidnapped children and teens were said to be stripped naked, raped, hunted down and killed.
Since the tender age of three Barnett had been trapped inside Australia’s vast pedophile network where children were sex trafficked, hunted down for sport and murdered. “In the late afternoon of Oct. 28 1975 I was taken to my sixth birthday party in the Kiama rainforest,” Barnett said. “The cordial was spiked with drugs. I fell asleep. When I awoke it was dark and I was lying naked face-up spread-eagle on a picnic table with my hands and legs tied. Perpetrators took turns sneaking up on me. A large group of men arrived in pick up trucks. They carried rifles and had a pack of starving Doberman dogs. I was told that the group of naked children huddled nearby were my responsibility. I was to run and hide them. Every child I failed to hide would be killed and fed to the dogs. They painted something on my back and chest, and then released us. I pushed the children up over the first steep hill. It was about the second or third hill that the hunting party reached us. Shots were fired and children began dropping all around me. With all hope lost of my saving the other children, I took off and ran for my life.”

Dutch therapist Toos Nijenhuis testified at the ICLCJ Court that as a child and like Barnett, she was badly abused and forced to witness child murders that involved global elites, claimed childhood torture at Barnett’s same Australian Holsworthy Army Base and like Barnett, was a victim of Human Hunting Parties. Nijenhuis’ perpetrators included former Pope Joseph Ratzinger, Dutch Catholic Cardinal Alfrink and Bilderberger founder Prince Bernhard. Nijenhuis explained to International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State Secretary Reverend Kevin Annett, her witness to child sacrifices as late as 2010.   

The Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult could easily hide crimes of their global elite members. They were well trained by Hitler’s mind control experts from Nazi Germany. Barnett’s Nazi grandfather’s pedophile network was said to include clinical psychologists Kidman and John W. Gittinger who developed a popular test among psychiatric professionals known as the Personality Assessment System. In the Independent Australia News Barnett stated that as a young child, “Gittinger abused and raped me.”

In another article of the Independent Australia News it was reported that Barnett’s dramatic testimony put members in tears when she went before the Australian Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. Barnett had named as her perpetrators her grandfather, Kidman, two former Australian prime ministers, a Parliament House governor general and a state police commissioner. As with child pedophile rings in the Netherlands, Europe, Canada and the US, the Australian pedophile network was said to include police officers, psychiatrists, biochemists, psychologists, actors, writers, politicians, university lecturers and medical doctors.

“The Commission was in the process of investigating my complaint when Kidman was found to have left the country,” Barnett said. “Now one month following my notification against Kidman, he is dead. Kidman’s death comes as no surprise. In the past week alone, two people predicted his imminent demise.”

This article is dedicated to victims of the Vatican and mafia-run global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult, and to the memory of over 50,800 missing children, some of whom rest in 34 mainly Catholic-owned unmarked mass grave sites – that have been refused excavation – across Canada, Ireland and Spain. The child perpetrators continue to live lives free of responsibility for their ongoing crimes. Our prayers are with these innocents, and should be for ourselves if we allow this Child Holocaust by our global leaders to continue.

About the Author

Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, retired, author of “Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities” ( is a retired therapist, Public Speaker, Activist and investigative journalist whose articles on international child exploitation rings have been cited on hundreds of blogs and websites. The ex-Supervisor, Alberta Mental Health and Director Provo Family Counseling Center is the CEO of Child Abuse Recovery and Speakers Bureau (

If you have news tips about child abuse issues that may connect to international child exploitation rings, please email Judy

You are invited to sign our petition to Congress for an investigation of the CIA mind control of children by clicking here:

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geoffrey franklin

2014-09-15 05:36:51 Reply

These psychopaths destroy everything they touch. Nicole Kidman should consider herself lucky. Or unlucky I suppose.


    2014-09-16 16:23:19 Reply

    And why would you think
    that Nicole Kidman herself
    has not been abused as a child
    and to this day?

    After all she was a beard for Tom Cruise…

    It’s unimagineable
    that she is not a multiple
    as well as a sex slave


      2016-09-07 17:06:48 Reply

      She was in it with her father, everybody knows.


        2016-12-05 22:16:44 Reply

        Yep, you look at Kidman, although attractive, there is something odd about her;if you look and really understand body language you can spot 9 out of 10 easily that are mixed up in this.

        I am still of the opinion, as are many others, Jon Benet was a sacrificial child of Jon and Patsy…many knew of their involvement in a Satanic ring in the Denver area and in the basement of a fine, fine hotel….USA better get busy and find that one or it will continue…two semen patterns and not of the same blood…


        2017-02-20 07:01:45 Reply

        I know this is true because it could be alleged that I know Fiona. Doing a master of Journalism. I have been molested by someone from Wales when I was 3-years-old and a next door neighbour a former police officer who made me believe to flirt was okay, Had men at work trying at places like ACI and then CSR where it is rampant with people having affairs praying upon young girls.

        So glad Kidman is dead the Singapore police know that there were bizarre circumstances to his death.

        Nicole Kidman with all her plastic surgery looks nothing like she originally did. Yuck low cheekbones horrible nose and she treated a friend of mine like garbage when she had just starred in BMX Bandits. Tom Burlinson who was her boyfriend at the time and she just looked at my friend like scum when she said hello in the womens’ toilets.


    2016-04-21 12:10:55 Reply

    lol, i wouldn’t be surprised if Nicole Kidman was the head of this rapist organization. You don’t grow up with a father like that without getting molested.


    2017-06-07 05:19:46 Reply

    Of course Nicole Kidman was in on it. This is a family of generational Satanists. Nicole didn’t get any different treatment than the other kids. These people’s involvement in Satanism, or Luciferianism as they call it, goes way back to Babylon and Egypt, possible to the first families were on the planet. There has always been good and there has always been evil. Evil is very evil. It doesn’t just lie, cheat on its spouse, and slap its child in the face. It sacrifices babies, it drinks the blood of murder victims, it eats human flesh. It gets even more evil than that. This is how these people get down. The elite, celebrities, musicians, sports starts, politicians, even doctors, policemen, and the those in the judicial branch. Bankers, lawyers, they all have their own members who swing that way. Just as there are Christians dedicated to Christ, and live squeaky clean lives, there are demon possessed serial murdering, child molesting, baby killing freaks out there who think that is the norm. Put me on the firing squad. I want the gun with the bullet.

Dawna West

2014-09-21 03:26:36 Reply

This is DEMONIC and shocking and needs to be exposed on national TV and STOPPED.
It sounds like a deranged Television movie….Sexual Hunter Games.
I have to go and pray and cry and throw up……….!!!!!


2014-09-21 15:21:50 Reply

Seriously Dawna, the media and government is owned by the demonic elites. Don’t expect normal justice. Fortunately everyone is judged and rewarded or punished in the end.


    2014-09-21 19:26:23 Reply

    I agree. As long as these animals( I can’t even call them people) are in high places i.e. judiciary, police, church, Hollywood, politics, royalty, media, every facet you can imagine. They can do whatever they want and cover it up without any investigations. And they know it. It’s totally Evil. By the time they receive their eternal punishment, they will have left a trail of devastation in their wake, and others to carry on their sick, demonic and evil ways. I believe good will triumph over evil someday. I haven’t read the bible but I know it is prophecy. I do believe in God and that we are being tested and it’s going to get worse. I pray every day for those poor innocent babies and children who are being tortured and sacrificed to these demons.


      2016-06-26 08:19:11 Reply

      Hi Dayle. I share the same sentiments as you. It is true that this is part of prophecy, but I’ve been studying the Bible for 4 years and I’m reading it a second time over (it takes me a while) and I think I understand a lot of it. The Bible says that God doesn’t test people and that the earth is not a testing geound but it is to be the home of people who are meek and who want to live by God’s rules. There is no hellfire, but the soul stops existing after death and that death acquits is from our sins. We simply stop existing. Heaven are reserved for a few 144,000 anointed ones, constituting mostly of first Century Christians, who will rule in heaven with Jesus over the earth. God has appointed Jesus, who is the archangel Michael, NOT another facet of God but a different person, to rule as King. God will soon bring an end to this system of things and will set up hia own government, with Jesus as King. This is the Kingdom we are to pray for. Although the wicked won’t get tormented, the children, and everyone else who hasn’t had a chance to learn God’s ways will be resurrected to do so and they will be completely healed of their emotional wounds. This peaceful time will last for 1,000 years, during which we will be taught to live by God’s principals. After the 1,000 years we will be tested by Satan and only those who remain loyal to God will remain, and they will be restored to perfection and live forever in a paradise on earth. This corruption and evil we see today just proves that Satan rules the world but soon it is coming to an end and so is he, that is why he is so active and agitated. Now is the time to turn to God and to pray to him to help you learn his ways so that you can be saved.


        2016-08-31 15:26:26 Reply

        Katya, you are part of the Jehovah’s Witness cult and have no right to pretend to care about children. JWs protect and harbor pedophiles and abusers and punish those who report them.


          2016-10-21 05:22:31

          Much of what you say is not Biblical. Sounds like Jehovah’s Witness. I’ve read the Bible 52 times, and I recommend you do more reading. There will be a judgement. But first there will be, and already is, a Luciferian worldwide takeover with an Antichrist coming out of the revived religious Roman Empire who will persecute and murder Christians just like they always have done and are doing now. The world leaders or every level worship Lucifer. Nothing will be done about the child slave trafficking because too many elites are involved. That is what is going to bring Gods wrath on this world. The whole world is under the darkness of the evil one except some Christians and others whose eyes are opened, and they will be targeted as soon as Hillary takes office. She has said as much. The only way out of this mess is for Jesus to return, which he will do, but there are hard times ahead.before that happens. Satan thinks if he can destroy this world, he can postpone his destruction, and he will attempt to do just that…and I think the NWO wants to destroy the world because they say they want a world of their own and somehow think only they will be saved. Satan doesn’t care if all the animals get killed along with people. He wants another total destruction Catabow which is happened between Genesis1-1 and2. Which is where all the giant Nephilims bones and ancient million year old fossils etc.come from. It won’t be long now, unless God’s people wake up, repent, and God in His mercy grants us a reprieve. And wholesale repenting seems like a long shot.
          But this world needs cleaning up worse than Noah’s time probably.


          2016-11-06 17:11:30

          Karolyn- This is not a Jewish thing-PLENTY of priests abuse children and the Catholic church covered/covers it up. This is an evil thing that evil people do PERIOD.


          2016-12-19 20:41:31

          Wow has your mind and your eyes been veiled!
          9 Million JWs to date….does not reflect numbers of a cult!
          The JWs desire is to be Christ like and spread the Good News
          The furthest from evil doers of this World, they are instead No Part of this World and falsely persecuted as Jesus was. You absolutely know nothing about Jehovahs people. Why not attend a true study of the Bible, attend a Kingdom Hall, so you may know what you’re proclaiming to be true.

          Child of Jehovah

          2017-02-01 17:32:38

          A few bad apples does NOT make the entire religion a cult, anymore than a few corrupted pastors make Christianity a cult. JEHOVAH is the name of the one True God and He does not condone evil deeds of the worshipers of Baal.


          2017-04-30 03:35:37

          Jehovah’s Witnesses are NOT a cult, except in the strictest sense of the term in which ALL religions and groups to which one gives allegiance to God, a god or a leader are cults. In which case, hey, you work at a job, and bingo baby, you are a member of a cult. So, can it.

          Also, you are reading an article about cover ups, ritual abuse, satanism … and you can’t put things together in your head, that if they are going to lie to cover up the bad, they are going to lie to smear the good, as well? Think about it.

          In the Bible it says that Jehovah God’s people were always a remnant (so the true faith cannot be an excessively large religion up until present day) – Jehovah’s Witnesses are a small group. It says that the true faith will be made up of people who are persecuted and reviled and lied about, as the Christ was. Well, here you are lying about them based on lies you were told, I will give you the benefit of the doubt in believing that’s why you are lying. And, the Russians are persecuting Jehovah’s Witnesses right now, as they did before, as the Nazis did, as you are doing, as many sects and organizations and towns in America, as well as private individuals, have done over many decades.

          If you don’t want to be with God, the actual creator and father of Jesus the Christ, that is certainly your business. But, Jesus gave fair warning to those who stumble others.


        2016-11-07 19:57:54 Reply

        ◄ Revelation 20 ►

        Berean Study Bible

        Satan Bound

        1Then I saw an angel coming down from heaven with the key to the Abyss, holding in his hand a great chain. 2He seized the dragon, the ancient serpent who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years. 3And he threw him into the Abyss, shut it, and sealed it over him, so that he could not deceive the nations until the thousand years were complete. After that, he must be released for a brief period of time.

        4Then I saw the thrones, and those seated on them had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded for their testimony of Jesus and for the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or its image, and had not received its mark on their foreheads or hands. And they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.

        5The rest of the dead did not come back to life until the thousand years were complete. This is the first resurrection. 6Blessed and holy are those who share in the first resurrection! The second death has no power over them, but they will be priests of God and of Christ, and will reign with Him for a thousand years.

        Satan Cast into the Lake of Fire

        7When the thousand years are complete, Satan will be released from his prison, 8and will go out to deceive the nations in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, to assemble them for battle. Their number is like the sand of the seashore.

        9And they marched across the broad expanse of the earth and surrounded the camp of the saints and the beloved city. But fire came down from heavena and consumed them. 10And the devil who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur, into which the beast and the false prophet had already been thrown. There they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.

        The Final Judgment

        11Then I saw a great white throne and the One who sat on it. The earth and the heavens fled from His presence, and no place was found for them. 12And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne.

        And there were open books, and one of them was the book of life. And the dead were judged according to their deeds, as recorded in the books. 13The sea gave up its dead, and Death and Hades gave up their dead, and each one was judged according to his deeds.

        14Then Death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. This is the second death—the lake of fire. 15And if anyone was found whose name was not written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.

        A New Heaven and a New Earth

        1Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth,a for the first heaven and earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. 2I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

        3And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying:

        “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man,

        and He will live with them.

        They will be His people,

        and God Himself will be with them as their God.b

        4He will wipe away every tear from their eyes,c

        and there will be no more death

        or mourning or crying or pain,

        for the former things have passed away.”

        5And the One seated on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” Then He said, “Write this down, for these words are faithful and true.” 6And He told me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. To the thirsty I will give freely from the spring of the water of life. 7The one who is victorious will inherit all things, and I will be his God, and he will be My son.

        8But to the cowardly and unbelieving and abominable and murderers and sexually immoral and sorcerers and idolaters and all liars, their place will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This is the second death.”
        Katya, it says forever. Hell and separation from Jesus is forever if you do not believe that Jesus is God in the flesh, died for your sins, redeemed your sin price, rose from the dead and He will reign forever. He is not the brother of Michael or Lucifer. He is God. Even the devils know this. We must receive the salvation by faith alone in Jesus as Savior. I’ve listed the verses above for your further study. May your heart, eyes and ears be open to Holy Spirit. Amen


        2016-12-19 20:35:49 Reply

        You have interpreted the Bible so accurately! The only thing you left out is
        Our creator has a name! And he wants us to call him by His name,
        The name of Jehovah was removed 7,200x and you know why and who made this happen.


          2017-02-05 06:52:31

          To the person that says JW is not a cult because they have over 9 million followers. I did not know there was a cap on the number of members to call it a cult or not. You might want to understand the real definition of what a cult is before stating your asseverations, because honestly they sound a little …well…dumb. A cult is a cult. 9 million is not that much, considering the number of people in the World.
          To the person defending this organization stating that some bad apples don’t account for everybody in that cult, this is what I have to say: I was born in that cult, raised in there, studied the Bible for years, and left. And I only have respect for the ones that walked away, after the big Australian scandal of a number of months ago regarding how the governing body handles child molestation and rape. You see, people is mostly pissed of by the fact that members like yourself, are so blinded and biased and brainwashed (oh, surprise!) that you don’t even bother to investigate what your gb is up to with your donations (paying lawyers for defending pedos and retributions of millions of $$ to victims). We don’t see the good people of your cult raising hell, asking and explanation to the gb of their evil ways, demanding justice for the victims, no. Nada. Most of you are still sheeps and followers, unable to have critical thinking or stand up for your own children, disgusting. But you criticise everyone under the sun, annoying. You guys don’t have a spine, and your children will continue being victims of the disgusting gb.


        2017-06-22 18:56:04 Reply

        Sorry, but you need to read that Bible again. You’ve got it WAY wrong, incredibly wrong, scarily wrong. Wow.


2014-09-22 12:20:54 Reply

Slowly, slowly. I agree that such allegations are beyond shocking, however, a ‘lot more’ investigation and proven facts need to be tabled before any complete judgements etc are spoken.


    2014-10-08 06:15:26 Reply

    You dont understand! There is no investigation! Everything is covered up because these people are in positions of power…

james jones .author thr

2014-09-25 07:01:32 Reply

The use of thy quill and ink to write upon a parchment the list of crimes which have occurred by groups of deranged filthy animals as listed above and to have said missive published by any illegal or legal means is an effective method to expose all those involved. History is repeating itself as there are continuous groups reoccurring through history in all countries world wide. One wonders about the extent of the abuse in all forms throughout society. We don’t know of yet. All occupations and levels of society are involved in networks with encrypted electronic equipment used for their operation and protection. All records from the Vatican must be made public and prosecute those who stopped excavation in Canada of the mass grave sites.

Kerry Owens

2014-09-28 09:33:00 Reply

Nazis eh? lol

Darius Smith

2014-09-28 10:02:25 Reply

Hi all,
This sounds too outrageous to be true and yet as we read the Bible it tells us of such things.
The Apostle Paul tells us ‘it is a shame to even speak of the things they do in secret’.
That is in his day such deeds were the practice of the Roman empire in idolatrous worship and Caesar worship. The head of state was as one of these. Sad to say an ordinary man or woman can soon stoop to this without the effect of the Saviour and his redeeming grace in their lives. Many young children and girls were used as sacrifice in some way or another to appease the ‘gods’ or fulfil whatever the ‘gods’ wanted! Who knew the will of the ‘gods’? The priests of course, like the priests of Baal. This is why GOD was so incensed with Israel when ever they departed from him in the earlier times of the Old Testament. It would get so bad that he would send a Gentile nation such as the Chaldeans to punish them, then everyone in the nation would suffer. However always the poor of the land are spared and usually allowed to carry on farming and living while the rich and powerful were singled out and killed, imprisoned and punished. Sadly as is now wars always cause sorrow for the vulnerable.
Look at our society now. We allow most of these things, glorification or worship of the sexualised and near naked images of pop and movie stars. Practice of any type of sexual preference and in the mean time children are born into environments that range from unstable to diabolical.
All this mess means mixed up and confused kids who grow up unstable and possibly violent.
So good and bad news: we are in no worse position than in Paul’s day however, this is where all of the Gospel’s message must be learned and applied. This will lead to our SALVATION. I Paul’s day he knew the prayers of the Saints were keeping him alive:
This shall turn to my Salvation, your prayers and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
On our knees people!!!


    2016-08-31 15:29:10 Reply

    Any of you who can still believe in a god worth worshipping is blind and brainwashed


      2016-12-19 20:47:31 Reply

      There are 2 gods
      One named Satan, the Devil, Old Nick ….This evil rules this World
      The other God is Jehovah, our creator, who gave us free will and is more powerful than Satan.
      The Anti Christ is all false religion…
      Jehovah will again cleanse the Earth…and throw Satan into the abyss for 1000 years


2014-10-16 18:02:34 Reply

Can someone send this information about the 9th circle to the Canadian rcmp? I keep seeing news articles about them busting child abuse rings. Hopefully they can help expose these criminals.

    Judy Byington

    2014-10-16 18:43:02 Reply

    Jen…This 9th Circle is all over the globe. Read on this same CAR website: Vatican, Mafia, Elite Businessmen Cult Suspect in Canadian Sergeant’s Death
    The Catholic Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult and it’s mafia arm Ndrangheta has been suspected in the death of the Head of a Ottawa Human Trafficking Unit. Last Sunday Staff Sergeant Kal Ghadban died of an “incident” in his office at the Canadian Elgin Street Police Station.

Kathryn Anderson

2014-12-01 04:55:08 Reply

So weird how all this has just Disappeared ? Kelly has a point…Is it a co incidence that Nicole Kidman is tight friends With Rupert Murdoch the ALL MIghty MEDIA Mogul…This appears all over the place on Sept 14 and THEN ???? NOTHING !!!

John Smith

2015-01-06 12:25:05 Reply

Pedo’s have all the money and all the power! They are also keeping this story out of the media.
Tons of pedos in the Elite and Mega Rich eg J. Epstien the billionaire is now a well known pedo.

Kristine callaway

2015-03-26 17:35:26 Reply

It’s sad to say, but it seems a lot of it went on back in the day when we were all scared to speak up for help. When we did, no one belived us, or we were silenced by our parents. Shame was all that mattered to them back in that day.

Erskien Lenier

2015-04-03 00:57:57 Reply

Its time to drive out all the cock roaches and expose them globally. I call upon Anonymous to light the torches

Donna Joy Plattner

2015-10-31 21:33:51 Reply

I have been targeted all of my life. Extorted since toddler age. I am attacked daily with NSA Direct Energy Weapon’s . My children were also targeted with ” Covert Electronic Harassment and Surveillance…and Gang Stalking. I have joined several E.H. Lawsuit’s and the Award’s were all embezzled by the Government informant’s and their General.

Mz. Donna Joy Plattner
4544 Nicholas St Apt.4
Omaha NE,68132

    Vera Ellen Wilson

    2016-12-02 16:48:20 Reply

    Well, I’m sure putting your info on a public story like this didn’t piss them off at all. @@ WTH.

Lucien Cline

2015-10-31 23:41:10 Reply

These so called “Elite” are in the business of child trafficking. Queen Elizabeth and her parliament are the worst, along with the Clintons and that Jewish lawyer in New York. So much goes unpunished because the legal system only answers to the Queen. It’s her. She is the dirties B.. on earth. A murdering pedophile who eats her victims, or sends their bodies to be processed as meat in her McDonalds right around the corner from Buckingham Palace. If that’s not bad enough, Prince Phillip’s friend mysteriously dies in prison after being charged and convicted in this “ring”. Kevin Annett knows so much of this ring and keeps running into brick walls. It’s sad. He knows a lot. Too bad he’s black listed


    2016-02-23 13:27:13 Reply

    I am glad you mentioned the Clintons and the Jewish lawyer is Allen Dershowitz (I probably spelled his name wrong) He was so angry at being exposed as a pedophile using children on the airplane with Bill Clinton and others.


    2016-03-24 02:36:46 Reply

    Everything you said is the truth. The Queen is not the sweet, old lady she appears to be. She’s been caught stealing children. This world is run by pedophile luciferians.

daily bollywood actress news

2016-01-03 17:39:30 Reply

Bollywood actress life style is not good. They get in all sorts of trouble.

2016-04-12 14:07:54 Reply

The main perpetrator of my child sexual abuse, Antony Kidman, is dead after I filed formal complaints accusing him of the rape, torture and murder of children in an exclusive Sydney pedophile ring. As a child victim of mind control I feel he’s been sacrificed for failing to adequately program me.”


2016-10-29 02:15:22 Reply

God have mercy.
Please know that one of the tactics used by SRA perpetrators is to impersonate prominent priests/bishops/cardinals whilst abusing/having any contact with victims (eg dress in priestly garments, refer to themselves by false name etc) so that in the case that the child remembers and reports the abuse in the future, the child will “expose” the priest by name as the perpetrator. Thus ensuring the identify of the true culprits remain hidden and also creating serious attack on the Church. Not to mention traumatising the development of the child’s faith in God through the safeguard of the Church.
God Bless.

Kat J.

2016-11-19 01:47:32 Reply

They r, simply, MONSTERS. Do not even call them animals. Animals have WAY MORE SENSE.


2016-11-24 07:23:29 Reply

Katya, I read what you said and I knew right away you were a Jehovas Witness. Nowhere in the bible (I have been reading for 30 years) does it say Jesus is the archangel Michael. Your own cult has changed their beliefs. When they realized the 144,000 were already reached the JW’s changed their doctrine. The JW’s changed the wordING in the bible in John 1:1″. In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word WAS God.” I could go on. There is a hell, Jesus talked about it. Go ahead and deceive yourself. The Jehovas witnesses is a cult. The 144,000 are Jews. Jews are now accepting Jesus all over the place.


2016-12-04 07:40:38 Reply

Has anyone felt like nocole acts very reserved and strange? I always felt something off about her. Her husband is a nice guy.


    2016-12-07 11:44:18 Reply

    Yes Stepanie I have always thought there was something Off about Nicole …. and Rolf Harris ….and many more exposed of being born from the Devil


2016-12-07 14:26:07 Reply

So sad. The whole industry is infected with these sickening ppl. My heart goes out to Nicole. We need to fight against the evil that us trying to make this a sexual preference


2017-01-13 12:08:52 Reply

Didn’t take long for bible arguments on here even though that has nothing to do with it. What a surprise

Tatti Lobanova

2017-02-12 16:09:45 Reply

The story of “Candy girl” Fiona Barnett was a prototype for this painting. Fiona is an Australian woman who experienced of Ritual Abuse & Mind Control. When I have read her story for the first time I was in a shock that things like that are happening outside Hollywood movies. I started to read more on this subject but it made me breathless and I realised that with my fragile psychic I had to postpone to be acquainted to this terrifying field of knowledge. As an artist I had to sublime my feelings and I made this painting devoted to the victims of pedophilia abuse.
In the world there are some powerful satanic cult organizations employing child prostitution. I used satanic signs in this painting. The sign under a hand of the man depict the subordination of the feminine . The feet of the ballerina girl are tucked unnaturally , it means a fear which she shouldn´t show to her master. She looks straight at a man, but her eyes are big with fear.
This painting is made black&white which is not common for my style. I did it for to look more conceptually horrifying.


2017-02-26 07:42:10 Reply

I have been a victim of this bastard from the age of 15 where he attacked me on a NSW south coast beach. I have also been subject to reprisal attacks from him and his daughters ever since. They will turn your family and friends against you because of their influences and have you physically and sexually assaulted or even murdered by their body guards. You just don’t know the horrors they cause.


2017-03-09 05:07:08 Reply

She had nothing to do with it.
I hope she is not held responsible for her father’s actions.
Lucky – if she was not touched or knew anything about it.

peter patrick glancy campbell

2017-03-10 01:15:01 Reply



2017-04-30 03:05:22 Reply

I would just like to point out here, since wouldn’t let me comment there about their horrible “coverage” of this story, that:

Even though it is lied about now, it used to be quite common knowledge that the reason homosexual males were called faggots is that faggots were bundles of sticks/wood that the poor would gather up and sell to the houses of the rich. It used to be boys or girls that did it, but, the parents sent their sons instead of their daughters if they could, as it was harder to cover up the shame of an unwanted pregnancy due to a child being raped by a rich man than it was to cover up a bleeding rear end of a boy. child. That the rich people with their landed estates were going to rape poor children was an absolute given, though not necessarily that every rich person would do it or that every poor child would experience it.

It was well known that they would hunt the children in the woods and rape them there, if they felt a desire to do that. But, mostly, they’d wait and sexually accost the person who brought the bundles of wood, which were faggots – and, since the poor quit sending women of any age, it became a pasttime of sexually accosting young men and forcing them to commit homosexual acts with rich men. and that is why the slang term for a man who chooses to engage in the same acts is “faggot”. Even with the assumption that most boys who get involved in it are molested or raped by older males.

This does not fit the current political agendas for that to be known, so they lie and say it is an insult and related to homosexuals being roasted alive under the piles of sticks that are laid at the feet of the person being burnt at the stake and other things that make even less sense and of which there is no historical evidence. But, they cover up this of which there is historical evidence.

My point being not to insult, annoy, harass, amuse or in any other way even engage homosexual males; but, that there is a very long, recorded history of sacrifice, rape, unjustified jailings, public torturing, oppression, etc. of the poor by the rich, mostly the noble rich, and of the noble rich viewing the newer rich people – the ones not in on all the rituals yet and who were just part of the lower animals they consider the rest of humanity to be- as trash, and, seldom, if ever, inviting them to their private parties.And, sometimes, killing them if they did invite them. Because there is also a long history of trumped up duels and battles.

Hey, look at Arthurian legend. This is supposed to be about one of the greatest “Christian” kingdoms. Now, some people say it is all myth. However, there is a burial place of King Arthur, Stonehenge, Merlin’s HIll, Merlin’s Castle and all sorts of other tangible pieces of evidence to explain away if it is ALL myth. So, if it is not myth, then what is it?

It is a tale of how a man of great power desired the wife of a man of lesser power, so he used magic, and, through lies and murder and rape impregnated her when she belonged to another and then disowned his child, but, kept the woman after he caused the death of her spouse.

How a magician helped him to do this. Then, befriended the boy and kept him out n the woods teaching him arcane things and eventually encouraging him into incest with his half sister. This magician who pretended to care for the child, but, led him into disaster after disaster which eventually resulted in his death sacrifice that, at the same time, resulted in the death sacrifice of his son/nephew

Everybody likes to pretty it up and talk about how Arthur was so concerned with God. But, satan worshippers call satan God, and Lord, and the one true God too. They are wrong, but, they do it. He was an incestuous murderer, very much a part of this world, living a life steeped in magic and mayhem. And, some people believe that the truth is that he and Lancelot and Guinevere had sex all together, or in separate pairings of various types at times, and that everything done that smacked of rescuing her from a would-be rapist or administering justice in her case was actually just a man covering up his sins from the eyes of the populace that were not satan worshipers, at least not on purpose, who already questioned his ways because he had an evil man, a magic practicer, advising him.

That’s just one tale about one group of people from one time period in one country. How many more are there?

Do you really believe they are all lies? Especially considering how many of them agree one with the other?