Pope Bergoglio child trafficked; Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth covered crimes?

Pope FrancisToday Catholic Pope Francis Bergoglio faced charges of trafficking children from Catholic orphanages to kidnapping networks during Argentine’s 1970s Junta Dirty War. Parents of the children disappeared at the hands of the Junta military. http://youtu.be/vNTTx7gZHS4

“Bergoglio was promised the top spot in the Argentine Catholic church if he cooperated with the Junta” said a Spanish reporter who interviewed a former member of the Argentine Junta military. The witness who was exiled to Spain, claimed he was present in meetings between Bergoglio and senior Junta military officials.

Details were to be revealed at a 11 am Feb. 7 press conference outside the Canadian Consulate in New York City. Also to be discussed were claims that former Catholic Pope Benedict Ratzinger and Queen Elizabeth signed a 2010 agreement to conceal clergy child sex abuse, plus witnesses who claimed they as children were present in August 1987 when Benedict Ratzinger and other global leaders murdered a little girl in a Satanic Ritual Abuse ceremony at a French chateau in Holland. www.itccs.org 
If Pope Bergoglio, Pope Benedict, Queen Elizabeth and other global leaders were found to participate in Satanic Ritual Abuse, child trafficking, murder, plus the cover up of clergy child sex abuse, how safe were our children?

We could soon find out. Several witness have agreed to testify before a March 2014 Brussels international common law court on child trafficking. The court and press conference was organized by Kevin Annett of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. www.iclcj.com

A Vatican source claimed that on 16 Sept. 2010 Queen Elizabeth and former Catholic Pope Benedict Ratzinger signed an agreement called the Crimen Sollicitationas at Holyrood Castle in Edinburgh. The Holyrood document compelled clergy not to reveal sex abuse and other crimes of Anglican and Catholic church officials.

Did Pope Bergoglio, Pope Benedict and Queen Elizabeth place our children at risk for the sake of politics?

The Spanish reporter thought so, “This witness (against Pope Bergoglio) is genuine and has many names and dates, and notes from meetings. So it’s small wonder that the Pope made it harder for honest Catholics to report child abuse, considering his own complicity.”

The Vatican source who broke the story on the Crimen Sollicitationas stated, “Papa Francis Bergoglio was determined to keep the Holyrood deal secret at whatever cost because of his own ‘reform’ image and his plans to entrench Crimen (Crimen Sollicitationas) even more completely in church law, which he did in his July 11 Apostolic Letter.”

“Queen Elizabeth’s signing of Crimen Sollicitationas was a condition for the Anglican church to be absorbed into the Church of Rome” said Kevin Annett of the ITCCS. “The cancellation of Queen Elizabeth’s novel trip to the Vatican in March 2013 soon after the appointment of Jorge Bergoglio as Pope was connected to Pope Bergoglio’s concerns that the Holyrood agreement might surface.”

The Vatican source agreed with Annett. Pope Benedict Ratzinger’s 11 Feb. 2013 resignation was followed in August by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. Bertone helped broker Queen Elizabeth’s agreement with Pope Benedict Ratzinger. According to the Vatican source, “One of Bergoglio’s conditions for being made Pontiff was the dismissal of Bertone, who might link him to Holyrood. As a Jesuit, Il Papa knows you must feign one thing while doing another.”
In Feb. 2013 Pope Benedict Ratzinger, Queen Elizabeth and 38 other global church and state leaders were found guilty in a Brussels international court for their roles in the disappearance of 50,000 indigent Canadian children.

“We have an international child trafficking rings operating in every democratic government on our planet” according to award-winning Pie’n’Mash Films producer Bill Maloney. Maloney interviewed on the UK Column News Live Radio saying that a whistle-blower, “Andrew,” recently testified to the Daily Express Newspaper that he was prostituted to British Royalty. http://gettingreadyfor2015.wordpress.com/2014/01/25/matt-taylor-orders-t…

The cover up of crimes against children appeared extensive. There were at least 31 child mass grave sites at Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada residential schools awaiting excavation. Digs have been shut down since 2008 on orders of Queen Elizabeth and the Canadian government. Evidence was chronicled in Kevin Annett’s “Hidden No Longer” read for free at: www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

If global leaders were getting away with Satanic Ritual Abuse, child trafficking, clergy sexual abuse and murder, how safe were we? 

Not much, apparently. Two witnesses died of mysterious causes after testifying they witnessed in 1964, Queen Elizabeth take ten children from the Kamloops residential school. Grieving parents have never seen their children since. In 2013 and Jan. 2014, four private citizens of Britain and Canada were arrested and held without being charged for publicizing the Brussels court verdicts against Queen Elizabeth, Pope Benedict Ratzinger and 38 other church and state leaders. Protests around the globe appeared to be effective in the release of London’s David Compan and his wife, Canadian Steve Finney of Kitchener Ontario and Canadian Pastor Kevin Annett of the ITCCS.

The Canadian Consulate where the press conference will be held on Friday was located at 1251 Avenue of the Americas in New York City. www.itccs.org

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Los síntomas de enfermedades que nos describen a todas horas en los medios de comunicación son provocados por los estados corruptos y sirven como medio para hacernos acudir al aparato de control fascista más elaborado por sus mentes criminales: El Sistema Sanitario.
Luego los tratamientos mimetizan a la perfección la enfermedad descrita mil veces con lo cual nadie sospecha….
Pero existe un medio de burlar este asesinato en el que la víctima va hacia su asesino: No acudir al sistema sanitario y perder el miedo a los síntomas que por si solos no tienen capacidad de matar , “el dolor duele pero no mata”. Hacer caso de los síntomas y acudir al médico es la forma más rápida de enfermar y morir, por eso el miedo mata….¡hay que perderlo!
Prácticamente TODAS las enfermedades son INVENTADAS o el tratamiento no se corresponde con la curación, aunque así lo enseñen en todas las facultades de medicina. El objetivo principal de las guerras/invasiones que no han parado de sucederse desde hace muchos siglos es la destrucción de conocimientos populares de nosotros mismos y nuestra biología e implantación de los modelos médicos del nuevo orden mundial fascista que perpetúe el poder y los privilegios de los criminales que copan hoy día las clases adineradas.
Este terrorismo criminal y traidor a su propia especie no es musulmán sino católico. A partir de la dictadura franquista se hizo una purga de libros que no interesaban a los fascistas y se empezó a editar por parte del Opus Dei la propaganda histórica y “científica” que sustituiría la medicina y prácticamente todos los conocimientos que servían al pueblo por otros al servicio del fascismo que todavía padecemos.
Nuestro “Estado del bienestar” siempre ha sido un engaño. y el terrorismo islámico el “cabeza de turco” para recortarnos libertad…¿Crees que merece la pena apoyar a nuestros asesinos?