Queen Elizabeth guilty in missing children case, whistle blowers incarcerated, again


May 10 2014 This article was based on today’s exclusive interview with Kevin Annett who remained in hiding during the Brussels International Common Law Court of Justice prosecution of global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult. Annett once said, “I need not tell you of crimes and tyranny we face. Each day we are bombarded by another wrong dressed like law, while those who slaughtered innocent children absolve themselves and mask their crimes. We know of the land that they rape and steal, of the children they still traffic and kill, of their numerous child mass grave sites. And since we know, we only can keep fighting to expose the truth.”

This week British soldier Vivian Cunningham remained drugged and institutionalized against his will. Apparently his “crime” on May 6 was daring to ask superiors about Queen Elizabeth’s outstanding arrest warrant. The order was issued in 2013 by six judges of the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.

After nearly a year of litigation Queen Elizabeth and her husband Prince Phillip were found guilty in the disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic-run Kamloops residential school in British Columbia. Grieving parents haven’t seen their children since they left for a picnic with the Royal couple on Oct. 10 1964.

Today the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State was asking concerned citizens to demand Cunningham’s immediate release. The ITCCS successfully prosecuted Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping, along with 50,000 cases of other missing children. People could voice their concerns to the St. George’s Hospital in Stafford England (ph: 44 01785 257888). Complaints could also be made to Cunningham’s superior, Captain Murrell (ph: 44 07909 686198).

Regiment soldier Cunningham had innocently questioned a senior officer about Queen Elizabeth’s arrest warrant, only to be committed to a mental care unit in Stafford England. He was injected with an atypical anti-psychotic drug olanzapine under orders of Captain Murrell and Doctors Khan and Sema. The soldier was committed for six months to the St. George Hospital Psychiatric Unit with a “diagnosis” of suffering from an acute psychotic episode.

“Queen Elizabeth had direct involvement in the kidnapping and death of aboriginal children” it was reported on the ITCCS website. “Royal Family members also appeared to regularly participate in Ninth Circle Satanic Cult rituals at the Mohawk Indian School in Brantford Ontario Canada.”

Last month a second international trial began in Brussels on global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult. A court document had been filed indicating that in Jan. 2012 UK Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby acted under the direction of Queen Elizabeth to destroy forensic remains of a Ninth Circle Satanic Cult child homicide. Two eyewitnesses have testified that as children they were present during this same murder of a native child.

The satanic rite evidently occurred in a sub basement catacomb under the west wing of the Canadian Branton Ontario Mohawk Indian residential school. The two eyewitnesses alleged that they saw a young girl being bound to an altar. The five or six year-old child was gagged, repeatedly raped, killed, disemboweled and dismembered. Her blood was consumed by nine red-robed figures that included a member of the British Royal Family.

Unfortunately Cunningham was not alone in his victimization after exposing these Ninth Circle Satanic Cult activities. Several incarcerations and even a death appeared to surround exposures of Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping case. Former Kamloops School resident William Combes died after a 2010 radio interview where he discussed witnessing Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip leave the school with his ten friends and fellow Kamloops residents.

Directly after the interview the healthy Combes was ordered to report for tests at the Vancouver St. Paul’s Catholic hospital. There he was given an injection that put him into a coma. Within hours and without consent of his family members, Combes was permanently pulled off life support.

British citizen David Compan was another victim of whistleblowing against Queen Elizabeth. In 2013 he was twice arrested, as was his wife. Compan’s “crime” was daring to post Queen Elizabeth’s arrest warrant on a Catholic Church. Compan was never charged, but accosted, drugged and incarcerated in the London Park Royal Mental Health Center. After several days of protests irate citizens secured the couple’s release. Compan discussed the incarceration in this video.

Last October in Kitchener Ontario Canada Steve Finney was trying to expose this same Ninth Circle Satanic Cult case on 50,000 missing native children that included Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping charges-conviction. Finney was arrested without cause and held in prison for three days. Protests around the globe organized by the ITCCS appeared effective in Finney’s release.

“Like my friends Combes, Compan and Finney, Cunningham is being cruelly drugged and imprisoned against his will because he simply mentioned the existence of a citizens arrest warrant against Queen Elizabeth” stated Kevin Annett of the ITCCS. “As a British soldier and citizen, Cunningham has now become a Prisoner of Conscience at the hands of the British Crown in an effort to hide proven crimes of the Royal Family.”

Annett himself has felt the wrath of Queen Elizabeth. In 2013 when Annett was in London attending a rally for the 50,000 missing children, he was detained, held in jail overnight, then deported – all done without being charged.

In March the ITCCS began a second prosecution on global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Cult. Five international judges and 27 jury members were scheduled to hear the testimony of at least 16 adult survivors who have come forward to expose their witness to child kidnapping and murder.

The first prosecution in the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels concerned 50,000 missing native Canadian children and included Queen Elizabeth’s kidnapping case. The court’s Feb 2013 guilty verdict by six international judges on 40 global elites appeared to influence the resignation that same week, of Pope Joseph Ratizinger.

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Kevin Annett

2014-05-10 23:25:26 Reply

Great article and thank you!

Brian Ey

2014-05-11 13:14:00 Reply


Linda Rivera

2014-05-25 17:07:52 Reply

Thank you so very much for your wonderful fight for the beautiful innocents so horribly murdered by satanists. Powerless. Defenceless. Terrified. Severely Injured in mind, soul, spirit and body wracked with great agony. NO ONE TO HELP! NO ONE TO RESCUE!

Safe and free at last in heaven.

The ENORMOUS wealth and power of the evil ones enables them to easily get away with satanic mass murders of innocents. I don’t believe they will ever be brought to justice. May God avenge their deaths!!! God, the Just Judge, will give them the proper PUNISHMENT they deserve!

God will give back to the Violent Evil Ones what they have done to others!

Bible, Proverbs 12:14 The deeds of a man’s hands will return to him.

Bible, Romans 12:19 VENGEANCE IS MINE. I WILL REPAY, says the LORD.

God keeps ALL His promises.


2014-11-20 04:12:48 Reply

I truly hope these satanic fools get theirs! I suspect the royals are untouchable. I can’t imagine what the families went thru losing their kids may the lord bless and keep those affected by those damned to hell to burn for eternity!


2014-11-22 22:32:13 Reply

I am not a big fan of the royals.
Diana was the only one who actually cared about people and she knew herself what these royals where like.
Like they say, the royals are untouchable, but I must state when they do depart from this earth I can assure people that God himself doesn’t take kindly to killing of any kind, especially children.
To shut up or gag a person, even a witness to pursue a crime against the person, to unjustly get others to take a person and label them insane is classed is inhumane.
To violate their rights and their values is just as bad.
To harm, torture or kill a child is the worst punishable crime.
No child on earth deserves this.

catharine volpe

2015-01-04 20:39:59 Reply

Where can you buy the book?

Catharine…you can buy 22 Faces in e-book or autographed hard copy on http://www.22faces.com

nick smithy

2015-01-24 06:31:22 Reply

We all know that the royal family are rapists and murderers. So is the government. I dont understand why we need an imbred royal family and govenment. I hope these royal scum are brought to justice, but then again I doubt things like this have been said for years.

Balsa Dave

2015-01-29 13:41:12 Reply

So how about Panorama covering this story? Wouldn’t that be interesting?


2015-03-12 20:35:21 Reply

One’s title should never make them exempt from laws. If she is responsible for Child and Family Services agencies world wide something has to be done. So many good loving parents are losing their rights and children for ridiculous reasons. So many children want to go home, but they are drugged and brainwashed into manageability. I was a foster child and continue to be abused by the system. Now they are doing it to my children, too.

I’m planning a parenting center where CFS would be restricted from abducting children enrolled in the center. These centers should be adopted worldwide. Please email me for more info: jessi_84@live.com

Quintin Prudlodder

2015-12-22 20:23:33 Reply

They royals are most likely untouchable but the queen and the prince I’m sure hold their heads in absolute shame , how could they do such a hanious crime on innocent native children .may God rip your royalty away from the queen and prince and may the be known to them as the old man and old lady butchers .rest in peace children god bless you all.

Holly Skinner

2016-01-12 20:50:15 Reply

I have just recently started down this deeper path of knowledge and it breaks my heart to know the atrocity’s that have and are happening. I am Canadian and we, in our schools, have been taught absolutely no real truth with the indigenous people in Canada and what the government did to them. We so need to start to awaken to the craziness that the royals and others have done to us.
Thank you for writing this and sharing all of this information.

    Mark Alzano

    2016-03-03 16:05:41 Reply

    Hi Holly. There’s lots to learn about our evil monarchy. Please look for me on Facebook and add me. My name’s Mark Alzano, and I’m always talking about this kind of stuff… 🙂

Open your eyes

2016-01-29 20:04:23 Reply

Bet you did not know that queen owns a Mcdonalds kind of strange you would think . Maybe its a good way of disposing of their ritual bodies grinding them up into hamburger meat . Think I am crazy ? well listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8iwkL1W3Yw

Billy B

2016-02-27 23:16:47 Reply

Sounds crazy to the untrained ear…but it’s true. Talk about royals, include politicians, high ranking offiicals and churchmen and you’re somewhere in the vicinity.


2016-03-10 20:44:30 Reply

If the Queen is killing whistleblowers, shouldn’t she have killed you for publishing this?

    Judy Byington

    2016-03-11 05:05:03 Reply

    Meow. I had 50 articles taken down from the internet newspaper “The Examiner,”and subsequently from the Internet, for no reason whatsoever other than I was exposing this crap. I always thought that once on the Internet it would stay there forever, but I’m convinced that these people have more power over things than we want to admit.Judy Byington

A Lamb of god

2016-03-22 14:25:12 Reply

The wrath of God will be upon these Satanic group. These people think they can get away with murder without God’s notice. These wicked people will stand in front of Jesus, and he will say: what have you done you wicked, depart from me you evildoer, you are the son of lucifer, and The seed of cain. Then jesus will cast these wicked into the pit that burns forever.
As the bible fortells.

A Message to these people:
Your plans will never win, you may be rich and famous, you have been told you need to sacrafice for satan so he will give you power, money and promises that you will live forever.
But the truth is, this is all a lie, satan has tricked you.
This life will come to an end, you may live 80-100 year, but eventually you will stand in front of Jesus
And what will you say?
You can still come out of this wicked lifestyle. Confess your sins and testify so your blood will not be on your hands anymore.

These poor children, is in the presense of God and in heaven, and will cry no more.
Gods wrath is coming, repent. In the name of Jesus the King of kings and lord of lords
To him forever be the glory.


2016-05-20 16:37:11 Reply

These are the untouchables. They honor only the devil.


2016-09-30 15:07:18 Reply

Those ugly ugly ugly things who disguises themselves as human are not untouchable. As one of the posters had stated: Romans 12:19 VENGEANCE IS MINE. I WILL REPAY, says the LORD.

They are not untouchable and will get their justice served in the most appropriate way… Personally, for whats coming their way, I’m glad the lord will take care of them. I don’t need to see that.

I, too, am just traversing that deep deep rabbit hole. My soul cries out for those innocents. 🙁 I pray for them and may they be free from the horror of their death. To this I pray to Jesus Christ, our Lord…

Wonsuk Lee

2016-11-25 01:04:13 Reply

The reason they kidnapped those children is to drink their blood in order to maintain their human form. They are all Reptilians. How disgusting is that. They are part of Illuminati and trying to control people by causing event like World war I and II, 9.11 and pentagon terrorism. Even Clinton families are reptilians. Hopefully Trump reveals all of these truths and shit on reptilians


2016-12-29 14:31:46 Reply

I live the United States of America and am convinced that Queen Elizabeth has murdered more than 50,000 children. I am distantly related related to the Queen, to both Elizabeth I and Elizabeth ll. People need to keep their fingers crossed and the children in their prayers. Even there in Canada and the UK nothing much can be done about it. At death their wages and sins will be paid. The Pope seems to be behind it as well.

Karen Jones

2016-12-29 18:12:49 Reply

Very strange that the Queen is supposed to have kidnapped children on a picnic in British Columbia on 10th October 1954 – when it is well documented that she was in Quebec on that day – over 4000 miles away. Wonder how she managed that – perhaps she is omnipresent.

    Judy Byington

    2016-12-29 19:04:03 Reply

    Karen…There were several witnesses to the kidnapping who testified before the six international judges and 36 jury members.

Wide Open

2017-01-05 22:49:47 Reply

Wicked witch is missing, we all hope she choked while eating childrens (the satanic Bitch!). How can anyone respect a family of pedophiles, Satan-worshippers, & cannibals? She’s an older version of Hillzebub Clinton. The sooner dump Royal worshipers wake up, the better off children and the World will be.