Dr. Linda Quinton-Burr,

JD, PHd; Divorce & Family Attorney; Neurofeedback Certified. Conscious Living 3210 North Canyon Road Suite 206 Provo, Utah 84604 (801) 335-4840 – License: 5006063-6004 Utah
“Advanced Techniques in Neurofeedback Treatment for the Dissociative Disorders”

Judy Byington,

MSW, LCSW, ret; CEO, Trauma Research Center & CAR Speakers Bureau; Author, “Twenty-Two Faces.”
“Historical Overview, Visual-Physiological Assessment and Strategies for Treatment of the Dissociative Disorders”

Susan Peterson,

LPC; Neurofeedback Specialist; Therapist Specializing in Adolescents.
“Awake State Neurofeedback Treatment for Dissociative Identity, Post Traumatic Stress and Related Disorders”

Neil Brick,

Researcher, Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today, S.M.A.R.T.: http://ritualabuse.us; Board of Directors, Survivorship: www.survivorship.org

Felicity Lee,

Masters of Education, Masters of Social Work, retired teacher; Holds 26 Alters and thousands of parts; Founder and CEO, Ivory Garden support group with membership of over 1,700 Dissociate Identity Disorder survivors.

Sharon Reese,

Mother to Five Children and Forty-nine Multiple Personalities; Author, “Healing Broken Wings”; CEO, Healing Broken Wings Seminars.
“Language and Effective Treatment of Dissociative Disorders with Abuse Survivors: Faces, Fears, Feelings and Facades”

Casey Jones,

BA; Author, “And the Angel Rocked Me”; Mother to 18-22 Multiple Personalities; Founder of Women Against Con Men.
“Predators Are Walking In Our Midst and You Are Their Prey”

Kristyn Decker,

Author, “Fifty Years in Polygamy” and “UNCENSORED Fifty Years in Polygamy”; Educator/ Speaker/ Life Coach/ Advocate/ Activist; Sound Choices Coalition Director; sound-choices.com http://blog.fiftyyearsinpolygamy.com/
“The Reality of Polygamy: Selective Amnesia and Child Abuse”