Traumatic Stress Webinars

The Trauma Stress Webinars presents an understanding of Dissociation, a survival skill where a person adapts to trauma by repressing unacceptable memory into the unconscious and has amnesia of the event.

According to the DSM-IV Dissociation is apparent in 65% of the general population, 30% of whom have experienced physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse in childhood. Dissociation in adults can be a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress most commonly found in veterans of war and once known as Battle Fatigue.

Healing for Dissociation begins by recovering repressed memories through cued or repeated recall, transferring unconscious memory to declarative memory, learning more adaptive coping strategies and accepting parts of self into a blended whole.

The Traumatic Stress Webinars is available online, or check back on this page for the date and location of a live session. The seminars include a one hour question and answer period with panel members. Up to seven CEU credits available.